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Posted by MFernand, May 23, 2007.

Hey guys! I see you are making a lot of progress on the site, good job! I wanted to offer a couple of suggestions in the Search tab.

1) It looks like I can only search using a keyword. It may be very helpful to be able to do a browse-type search wherein, via drop-down boxes or some other method, i can look for a 1) a red wine vs. white wine.. then 2) type of varietal... then 3) region... then 4) specific vineyard. as you can imagine one example: i'm looking for a 1) red wine... then, the next drop down lets me pick 2) cabernet.... then next box lets me pick 3) from France... and finally, i can choose then 4) St. Emillion. :) yum!

or maybe you don't need these options to be sequential, but i think the ability to browse through the available options (vs. entering a keyword where i may not know what i am looking for) would be helpful.

2) one more way you may want to allow the users to search is via those User Tags that I see you have set up. again, some users may have an idea of what they are looking for and what words to use, but i'm assuming that your target market won't be as educated. Do you have a 'dictionary' to help describe what those user tags are?

3) as an offshoot to the above comments, i noticed when the results are shown, that you show Varietal, Region, and Type, could you also include Vineyard?

4) is there a way to do a secondary search after I have gotten the results of the first search? the few searches i ran came up with hundreds, if not thousands of options. (info overload!) but i couldn't search within the results to narrow that down. would be nice to have that feature to do so. also, to sort by price. :) thanks!

Best of luck to you all and I'll keep getting back to the beta site... M

Oh! one more thing: I noticed that you didn't have any wines come up for Chateau Ste. Michelle (Washington vineyard)


Reply by Philip James, May 23, 2007.


thanks for the feedback. We'll add vineyard (or at least winery) to the displayed fields shortly.

We also have some big plans to the search functionality - where you'll be able to drill down into results which should help a lot.

Finally, there's some work we need to do on certain wineries, but for now if you search for "Ste Michelle" you should get at least the sparkling wines made by that winery... more to come!

Reply by kevchan, Jul 31, 2007.

On searching, why cant I add more than one thing to each field in the left hand bar. ie. I might want to search for cabernet and merlot (ie. blend or maybe I want to get results for both).

I see you can do it with tags, but maybe extend the functionality to varietal aswell. not so bothered re this functionalilty for region or type.

Reply by Philip James, Aug 2, 2007.

i dont think its clear what a user expects when they dual select. currently if you select 'big' and 'spicy' we return wines with both those attributes, but if you ask for 'merlot' and 'cabernet' are you looking for a blend? or are you looking for either?

how can we tell?

Reply by gr, Aug 2, 2007.

The general question still applies, but the specific one you ask, Phil, is easy to answer. For varietals, I get to select several. If I mean blend, that's a separate checkbox.

I think most of the specific questions you'll have in this general question will be just as easily resolved: just run through them.

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