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Scandal: U.S. Govt. Official Accepts Bribe from Businessman

Posted by EMark, Oct 28, 2011.
Edited Oct 28, 2011

OK, my tongue was firmly in my cheek when I titled this post.

In today's paper there is an article that about restauranteur Ted Balestreri opening a $10,000 bottle of 1870 Lafitte Rothschild for CIA director Leon Panetta.  Balestreri owns the Sardine Factory in Monterey, CA. 


Reply by dmcker, Oct 29, 2011.

Any tasting notes, or an interview with panetta about how it was?  ;-)

Considering how connected Panetta is, long before his current post, it's easy to imagine why someone in as successful an operation as the SF in Monterey might want to pop such a cork....

Reply by duncan 906, Oct 30, 2011.

Here in the UK the last Commisioner of the Metropolitan Police was forced to resign because it emerged that he had accepted hospitality from News International while his officers were supposedly investigating The News of the World,a News International title,over the phone-hacking scandal.At the other less senior end of the Metropolitan Police it has always been made clear to every constable that he or she may not take free food,drink or hospitality from any bar,pub,hotel or restaurant just in case he or she could appear compomised if asked to investigate wrongdoing at said establishment.I am sure the US Police have a similar rule

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