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Posted by jjdento, Oct 3, 2011.


Hello all!

I am proud to be a wine lover, but an amateur at best. To improve my knowledge I have been studying (God bless my university's library!) as much as I can about regions, varietals, etc. through books and whatnot. Recently, I came across a sub-region in the Bordeaux appellation called Sauternes. The way my book (Zraly's wine course...) described Sauternes' wine gave me chills of excitement! With Botrytis cinerea (a miraculous fungus) concentrating those distinct flavors made this wine stand out compared to the normal varietal or regional wines of the world.

Unfortunately, when I went to the wine and liquor stores I was devastated not find my prized vino! Ordering the wine online is out of the question too (Oklahoma laws, need I say more). 

I wish to know what makes this wine special compared to other wines, and if it is worth the trouble of locating and purchasing. 




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