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Rose on the up

Posted by Philip James, Jun 18, 2007.

Higher end Rose sales jumped 45% in the last year. This is great news for what has been, so long, a mis-understood category.

When someone says "Rose" most people think of sweet pink wines - jug wines and white zinfandel. However, Rose's are as diverse as red and whites. Provence, in the South of France, for example is known for its steely, crisp, bone dry blush wines.

In San Francisco a group of Rose producers "dedicated to righting the wrongs done to dry rosé" have formed a coalition; The 'Rosé Avengers and Producers'. With the wine's growth outpacing the overall market by over 500% last year, this is good timing.

Sparkling Rose's showed even greater growth relative to its non-blush peer's - ourpacing the sparkling market growth by 1,000%.

If you havent done so already, now, as Summer is fast approaching, is the time to grab a few bottles of the pink stuff and see what you've been missing. Perfect with salad's, picnic, on the beach, or even (if slightly heavier) with barbecue.


Reply by andrew, Jun 18, 2007.

I love a good rose, it's a really fantastic blend of the light, refreshing qualities of a white with some of the more complex flavor characteristics of a red. I find it's best to get one that has a normal alcohol/volume, as it is more likely to taste like wine than kool-aid! I'm not familiar with American roses yet, but it seems like a good summer to give it a try.

Reply by amour, Mar 30, 2010.


I wanted to commence a Rose Thread,

then  I  found this one and revived it  instead !

Rose  (pronounciation....RO-SAY or better RO-ZAY) in spring and in summer........not only from Provence but from everywhere!

(I am fluent in French)


Reply by zufrieden, Apr 1, 2010.

Amour, start a new thread on this.  Otherwise it looks sort of like a George Romero  resuscitation of proud flesh.

Terence, this is stupid stuff...


Reply by amour, May 11, 2012.

Is anyone going to get a SUMMER 2012 Rose thread going, early o'clock, and so get us up to speed on Rose?

For example, what is available Rose wise in the United States of  America, and also what is considered excellent all over Europe?

What are the French having this Summer?

Looking forward to some responses.......!


Reply by outthere, May 14, 2012.

2012 has been the year for me so far where Domestic Rosé is concerned. I have had a number of excellent wines already this young season, all 2011 vintage. Seems to be a great year for acidic rosé.

  • Arnot-Roberts Touriga Nacional
  • Copain Tous Ensemble
  • Envy Rosé of Carignane
  • Bedrock Ode to Lulu Mourvedre
  • Baker Lane Rosé of Syrah
  • Williams-Selyem Vin Gris of Pinot Noir
Reply by Anna Savino, May 14, 2012.

My favorite Rosè ever is one called Chiaretto from the Lago di Garda area in Italy. If you ever have a chance to pick some up it is definitely worth it. The right balance of bright fruit flavors, crispness and dryness! (at a very good price)

Reply by amour, May 14, 2012.

Thanks for your responses....especially winesavi's inclusion of price point.

Outthere ...what is Envy Rose of Carignane like.....just so curious...our usual average Rose??? Or not?

Cheers all!

Reply by outthere, May 14, 2012.

The Envy was bright and lip-smackingly tart. Maybe just a tad off dry.

Reply by outthere, May 15, 2012.

Picked up a new one on recommendation today.

  • Campesino 2011 Rose Wine Sonoma Coast

A blend of Syrah, Pinot and Zinfandel. Only 25 case produced but pushing the envelop at 14.1% abv. Will likely be the antithesis of what I have been enjoying this year but you have to live a little right? Weather today wasn't conducive to this kind of wine so it will have to wait until it warms up around here again before I post a note on it.

Reply by JonDerry, May 15, 2012.

2010 Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol Rose 

This was a hit at a mother's day party Sunday, have another one for a rainy day. Lived up to all I've heard about Provence Rose, though I was a little surprised not to find any funk or barnyard.

Reply by anchca, May 15, 2012.

If you are looking to try some domestic rose check out some of the Oregon Roses of Pinot Noir. I have tried a few new releases already in the Willamette Valley this spring and have really enjoyed them. They seem to disappear quickly and most are only available from the tasting rooms... Prices usually hover around $16-20. A few that I've had and enjoyed recently are: Anam Cara, Alloro, Colene Clemens and Beckham Vineyards roses.

Reply by Richard Foxall, May 15, 2012.

outthere, I've had that Baker Lane and it's been good in the past.  One to keep an eye out for.

I also had a Coelho (it might have gone under another label, but they made it) Rose of Pinot from Oregon that sticks in my mind as one of the best domestic roses I've ever had. 

Beckman also devotes some effort to Rose from grenache that's quite good.

But this year, in addition to a Tavel that I actually cellared for a year--try it, the stuff really fills out without getting heavy, adding filigreed detail (hmm, very Jon R sounding)--I am looking forward to bottle no. 2 of an Etna rose made from nerello mascalese.  I had a bit of it a while ago, but my wife had the majority.  Liked the strawberry cream taste I got from it.  Of course, there's always the decent Ventoux bottling that Trader Joe's carries and Chivite Gran Fueda, but outthere's domestic recommendations make me think I should look abroad, at least until late June when we'll be drinking the local roses in Italy and France.

Now how am I going to fit a couple liter bottles of gruner veltliner and my annual consumption of vinho verde with all that rose to drink this summer?  Time to start working on it!

Reply by outthere, May 15, 2012.

but outthere's domestic recommendations make me think I should look abroad

Por qué? Inquiring minds want to know.

Reply by Richard Foxall, May 16, 2012.

Oops, I meant locally.  Sheesh.  Almost as bad as the time I misspelled "Ribera" in RdD. No, worse.

Reply by outthere, May 16, 2012.

Our friend the brain fart. Makes more sense now.

Popped the Campesino last night. I was right, it was much different than others I have enjoyed this year. Very low acid, more of a Sonoma Coast PN/Syrah gamey nose. The alc did not show. Not bad just not what I had in mind. I'll re-visit it this evening or tomorrow night if I have a chance and see if it changes at all.

Reply by Richard Foxall, May 16, 2012.

OT, how's the weather there?  Where are we at in the life cycle of the vines?  I last talked to folks in vineyards at budbreak when the fans were roaring to keep frost away.  I'm next up that way in June for a dinner at Rockpile.  (Might be able to drop off one of those 2004 Jade Mountain Syrahs if you want to work a swap...) It's been intermittentlypretty  windy in Oakland, which wouldn't be good if vines were flowering, but that was mostly the result of a couple hot days in the last two weeks.


Reply by outthere, May 16, 2012.

The flowers have not opened yet but are real close. Vines are going nuts right now and they are just now plowing the cover crops down. Not real hot. Last week was mid-eighties but this week we are hard pressed to break seventy degrees. Cool overcast mornings with the burn-off coming around 11am and breezy. We are beyond frost warnings for the season so that's not an issue. Is rounding out to be a normal season so far which will be welcomed but you never know how things will pan out during the summer and fall.

Did I hear swap? I have an '09 Halcon Alturas that will knock your socks off.

Reply by thegrapesofwrath, May 17, 2012.

here are two nice links  for Rose wines...

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