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Rosé: The new color of the Season

Posted by ahall, Dec 27, 2007.

Maybe you've noticed, but for some reason rosé wines are really big this year. In an article by winebusiness .com , Gary Heck, president and owner of Korbel Champagne Cellars, claims that “The color is fashionable right now, and consumers like the taste of it. They think it's sweeter-it's the perception that it's sweeter. Maybe it's the feminine side that they like."
In the past people always looked down upon rosé blush wine; consumers thought the wine to be a ‘cheap’ downgrade. Today, rosés (whether sparkling, or still) are just as fashionable as watching Carrie Bradshaw order a cosmopolitan in Sex in the City. So how did rosé wines come back into fashion?
According to Bibiana Guerra, the more people are educated about wine, the more they realize that rosé wines are not a cheap downgrade version of sparkling wines. Korbel earlier this year, decided to jump on the rosé bandwagon when they came out with single-serve 187ml bottles of rosé wines. The Korbel Brut Rosé Champagne 187ml is sold as a four-pack for $14.99, and according to Heck, he wanted them out on the market in time for Valentines Day. Although convenience and availability are important to consumers, what people do not realize is that buying these single -serve 187ml bottle, they are spending more money than if they were to buy a bigger bottle of Champagne . Convenience aside, champagne and sparkling wine making is very expensive, so producers who carry 187ml bottles only cover a small percentage of the wine market.
With rosés in fashion, both guys and gals need not to feel embarrassed or ashamed when they order a nice glass of pink bubbly. This New Year’s Eve, serve your guests some rosé champagne. Not only will you make a fashionable entry into 2008, but you will also surprise your guest with something new. Educate your friends and family and let them know that rosé wines are nothing to be ashamed of and not a cheap wine that everyone thought it to be.


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