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Rise of the Prohibitionists

Posted by Stephen Harvey, Aug 4, 2010.

One issue that continues to frustrate and concern me is the rise in the influence of the anti drinking lobby amongst the far left of the left wing [labour, democrats, socialists etc] and far right of the right wing [liberal, conservatives, republicans etc] of our mainsteam political parties.  These people who generally have strong religious convictions [or pretend to have] are masquerading as being part of the "HEALTH" lobby.

These people are quite happy to peddle the evils of alcohol by constantly quoting dubious health statistics that show the reasons why alcohol should be heavily taxed [and ultimately banned]

I genuinely and passionately believe that us enthusiasts must continue to fight against this worrying trend

This is a global issue impacting us in Australia, France, the UK[note the current tax regime] and I am sure their is similar issues in the US and other countries

SO what can we do to fight this attack on our rights to enjoy one of our favourite past-times in enjoying great wine, fine single malts, refreshing beers et al

Have no doubts these people are lifestyle terrorists looking to attack any past time that provides remote enjoyment to us the genral populous of the world

I am interested in the views of the Snooth World on this topic


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