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Revisiting Bordeaux 2009 in bottle, in Moscow

Posted by panoskakaviatos, Jun 6, 2012.


This was my second time in Moscow, May-June 2012, and the last time I had gone was about the same time of year, in 2009. Not much has changed. At lest in terms of tourism. 
If you do not speak Russian, quite difficult to get around. Luckily, a great pal of mine, foreign correspondent for Agence France Presse, speaks fluent Russian. He has an excellent apartment right near the centre, and it was time to taste Bordeaux 2009 again - at the Lotte Hotel - as the UGCB toured with 58 members. 
What was interesting about the tasting was to confirm some of the "hits" I had experienced when I tasted 2009 from bottle in early March in Germany. 
You can see my full notes, including notes on Moscow, here: 
But, briefly, I would say that some of the top 09s tasted twice from bottle on these two occasions with consistent notes (in no particular order) include Haut Bailly, Pichon Comtesse, Du Tertre, Batailley, Smith Haut Lafitte, La Lagune, Labegorce and Phelan Segur. 


Reply by JonDerry, Jun 6, 2012.

In my continuing tour of every man's 2009's, I picked up a bottle of Le Crock last night!

Already like Ctx Les Grand Chenes at around $20-25/bottle, and I've heard good things about Chasse-Spleen, Poujeaux as well from Moulis.

Reply by JonDerry, Jun 6, 2012.

I liked the Du Tertre at the UGC, and did GT. However, both you and Greg have said good things about the Phelan Segur though I didn't get much out of that, and got a lot of oak out of the Smith H-L!

Reply by panoskakaviatos, Jun 6, 2012.

Indeed, Poujeaux is great. Have not tasted as often as I would like, but I liked it so much from barrel, I bought a six pack. 

For some reason, Smith Haut Lafitte in 09 - for me at least - is quite special. I know that SHL can be rather modern/oaky... but I did not get that so much in 09! 

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