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Returned from napa visit!!!! So good 4 days of tasting what a great time...

Posted by chu, Apr 28, 2010.

Day 1 Schramsberg Great tour Kelly was a super tour guide and ohhhh what a tasting. V.Sattui for a picnic lunch and then a cellar club tasting was very surprised some nice reds and 2 great ports.Then off too Del Dotto for a cave tour went to the old one what a great time tasted same cabs  from both French & American barrels side by side great comparison and also some Zins done in clay pots {no oak) very nice quite a different tasting experience here....Had a great day and bought some fine wines and ports at all.....Day 2 Keever was the first stop and had some of the best Cabs I have ever had $$$ over budget here haha.Franks Family Winery was next another great tasting with Dennis had a great Chard & Sangiovese along with some real nice cabs...Then of to Chateu Montelena a nice Chard along with a very nice cab....and great grounds and a little wine history.Bremmer was next had a fab 2004 Merlot and a fantastic White port,bought at all... another over budget day its so great to get some great wine you will never find anywhere else. 


Reply by chu, Apr 28, 2010.

Day 3 Fleury estate another great winery great cab ,blend coming out called Rocket Juice try to get some, all in all some great juice stop was Vincent Arroyo some really nice and finally some moderatly priced wines and a great  Port yet to be bottled we met Vincent and spent alot of time here looking at vines asked alot of questions and they showed us so much, no rush just laid back.Then to Duckhorn for a tour, first class all the way,a quick tour then to a beautiful room with 5 glasses and a cheese platter in front of each, they poured all 5 glasses 2 merlot,3 cab vertical, it was great to go back & forth from each.. oh so good, no rules,revisits encouraged. We went to a few others but these where the highlights and will remember these, what great folks we met at all these places and oh what great wines we had & brought home with us......every bottle will be a great revisit to the Valley we so much enjoyed and hopefully will return to.... 

Reply by VegasOenophile, Apr 30, 2010.

I had that same tour/tasting at Duckhorn last week as well!  Great time and fabulous wines indeed!  Sounds like you had fun.  I am posting extensive recaps of each day, but I am behind on my reviews/links lol.  What wines were your faves from the trip?

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