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Posted by phuturebel, Mar 31, 2010.

Hi all, do anyone know the retail price for Quinta Da Sequeira Tinto 2004?


Reply by zufrieden, Apr 2, 2010.

OK, let's do it.  Maybe you've already been to the blog of the producer in the Douro Valley and found that no prices are available there. You might also checked and seen that 90 Plus Wines has no price listing.  And you may even know that the Grand Reserve version of this wine (not the one you are looking for, of course) is around 30 dollars US in Denmark.

Indeed, you may also know - like me - that this wine is no longer available from any of the usual merchants throughout the world.  Well, that's supply and demand for you.

Too bad. This is a well respected producer, I grant you that.

But I'm game to help so here is my suggestion.  Just contact the producer by phone and ask what the product was marketing for in North America and Europe when available.  That solves the mystery and is one bit of detective work that anyone who loves the wine can do.

Good luck with that - unless someone else here finds it.  Don't hold your breath, though.

I would look for this jewel myself, but I only dabble in Portuguese wines from time to time due exactly to these little availability issues.  Well, you know, time is short and all that.

Cheers and happy hunting.







Reply by ONUMello, Apr 3, 2010.

Keep in mind the average retail price may vary from state to state depending on state minimum markup laws. Cellartracker has an 'average community value' statistic on wines that is the average of everyone who entered the wine paid (if they enter it) although that may be a subscription only feature. Major press also lists the average/suggested retail of most wines if they know it, if it's been reviewed.

Reply by zufrieden, Apr 4, 2010.

All true enough - and helpful.  But I think the requestor has rooted through most of these sources to no avail and is setting a challenge for us.

In my opinion, the challenge is easily met by a simple phonecall.  It all depends how much you want something.

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