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Required fields to suggest a wine

Posted by gr, Jun 2, 2007.

Only "Bottle Label" and "Vintage" are labeled "required"... but when I fail to include a Winery (because I'm not sure what this extra label on a bottle of 2003 Melini chianti classic that says Isassi means, because I'm dumb like that, but it looks like Melini is the winery: ... and the Isassi is... a field? An exporter?), I'm told "Please enter a valid winery".

Then I fill in "Melini" as the winery, click "submit", and I get redirected to which says "That wine does not exist in our database." (I know it's not public, but I'm pretty sure I could get at just-submitted wines to review them before...?)

Then I drop the -2, and get which has a damn label image, so it must be in the DB already. I'd searched and didn't find it, but I'll post that as a separate bug.

Main point is: if it's required, say so. But also, why was I able to submit it after fixing the Winery and then not see it?


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