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Quintarelli, 1998 Amarone Della Valpolicella

Posted by Eric Guido, Dec 6, 2008.

Quintarelli, 1998 Amarone Della Valpolicella

It’s not everyday you open a $300+ bottle of wine but this Saturday was not just any other day. This was one of the first times in two months that my wife and I were able to actually go out to dinner together. A rare occurrence with two babies at home and the busy schedules of two working professionals. Sometimes I feel like we spend more time with other people than we do with each other. But now I’m just babbling on. The point to be made is that tonight was a special night and so deserved a special bottle.

Upon first opening this bottle, the initial nose is of dusty dried flowers and powdered cocoa, eucalyptus and preserved cherries with a slightly smoky hint to it. But this was far from the end as with time the nose evolved to spice box with caramel roasted nuts and hints of brown sugar or is that molasses. Ever changing and forever interesting layers hit you as time passes, at one point it could have been a well aged Vin Santo and a moment later a rich modern Barolo… Forever changing and unforgettable. This dark ruby beauty, on the palette, displayed a super smooth consistency with a weight that began as full but finished with fresh acidity as candied cherry, rum rasein and cardamom coat your tongue. The term cough syrup does it no justice but comes to mind as layers of dark fruit hit you over and over. The finish goes on for minutes with vanilla and fig and even as you drink or eat, it stays with you longer than any wine I have yet experienced. Quintarelli is a master and yes, this wine is worth $300+ dollars.

Just had to share this because it was remarkable.


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Dec 7, 2008.

What a great note! you should enter it on the 1998 Amarone page as well so it'll be easy for everyone searching for that wine to see. Killer picture too.

When the bottle is on Quintarelli is one of the masters. Glad to see you had a great experience. Now you got me hankering for a bottle!

Reply by Eric Guido, Dec 7, 2008.

I thought I did leave the note but it looks like it didn't take so I tried again. looks like it's all good now.

The best part (I didn't mention) my meal was a medium rare filet mignon in a Barolo sauce and I the pairing was perfect. I've heard that pairing amarone can cause a dish to really underperform but in this case the food and sauce were so amazing that together it was pure euphoria.

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