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Quick question about red wines

Posted by Doug6, Feb 2, 2013.

Company is coming. I've been told "they like red wine". I don't drink. People leave wine at our house. I have a bottle of Windwhistle Calif. Syrah and a Gnarly Head Merlot. Your site doesn't rate the WW Syrah and I didn't search for the Merlot. I have no obligation to wow our guests but I don't want to disappoint them. We've had good luck treating our wine drinking friends with wines from our very local Huber Winery (So. Ind.). Should I go there and get a bottle of Cab. Sauvignon?



Reply by EMark, Feb 3, 2013.

Doug, I am familiar with the Gnarly Head label but have never heard of Windwhistle.  Here is my biased opinion. 

Gnarly Head is a relatively low-dollar label.  I have tried their Zinfandel in the past and feel that, for the price, it is perfectly fine.  I have not had their Merlot.  I am not much of a Merlot fan, and my experience with low-dollar Merlots is not particularly good.

I am guessing that Windwhistle is another low-dollar label.  I do like Syrah a lot.  If I was your guest and you offered me the choice of Gnarly Head Merlot or Windwhistle Syrah, I would pick the Syrah in a heartbeat, and, then thank you very much for your graciousness.

Either wine is probably fine assuming that you have not been storing them for years in a kitchen cabinet over your stove.

If you have confidence in the Huber winery, then I would suggest that you do pick up a bottle of the Cab.  When your guests arrive, ask them which of the three they would like.  If they do not like the first choice, then quickly take it away, and offer one of the other two.

Reply by GregT, Feb 4, 2013.

Windwhistle is from northern CA, right? So agreeing w e-mark, I'd guess that they're both relatively lower end wines. Probably not undrinkable - I've had most of the Gnarly Head from time to time and it's better than a lot of the stuff people trot out. Either is likely to be serviceable, but because I don't know the Windwhistle and it has basically no reputation one way or another, I'd probably go with the wine I knew.  I have no clue about Huber. It's one of those curiosities - wine from the Midwest. Not likely that anyone outside of the home state knows it. Might actually be good though, who knows. Good luck!

Reply by amour, Feb 4, 2013.

Great idea to go local!

However, should you have easy access to Chilean Wines, try Santa Rita 120 Cab, priced at about ten dollars U.S., tasting quite French; cassis and vanilla on the nose, light minerality, layers of cherry and blackcurrant, a slightly smoky, lingering finish!

I enjoyed the 2010 with lamb chops, mild rosemary roasted potatoes, and a plain fresh organic baby spinach, red onion, and rocket salad.

Any vintage would be fine, would satisfy, and bring smiles!

By the way, it is made by a female wine maker, Cecilia Torres.

I have just bought the 2011, but have not tasted it as yet.


Reply by Doug6, Feb 4, 2013.

FYI - We often will take out of town guests to the Huber Family Restaurant and the Huber Winery (it's on the southeast end of Indiana's wine region). It's in a wonderfully scenic farming area about 15 miles north of Louisville.

Everybody seems to enjoy the wines. I assume some of them know wine.

Joe Huber has made it into a regional tourist destination; he was quite a promoter. 

Thanks for your comments.

Reply by EMark, Feb 4, 2013.

Doug, please be sure to come back to us and tell us how your dinner went.

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