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Privatizing wine sales in the US....let's discuss

Posted by jnieminen, Oct 1, 2010.

There is an interesting article here in the Wine Economist blog that discusses an initiative to privatize liquor sales in the US and to take control away from the states.

Unfortunately, this proposal is being brought forward by Costco and Safeway - two wholesale goods retailers. Even Wal-Mart has given this its backing....

I would take this initiative much more seriously if it wasn't brought forward by wholesale goods retailers as there definitely is a clear commercial interest bringing this forward. If this initiative was to somehow go through and be passed as law all the spirits sales would just coming to the wal-marts, sam's clubs, and grocery chains. In my opinion this would nearly eliminate the liquor store industry and the last thing the US needs is more jobs lost.

I do believe however, that shipping regulations need to be lessened. As we already know the regulations are quite strict in regards to the mobilization of liquor or wine across state borders. I really do think a reduction in these regulations here could give some local wineries a great opportunity to expand their customer base and add some competition which I think could only improve the quality of US wines down the road. As well, I think it would likely improve the imports and exports of wines into and out of the US allowing us to try some wines we've never had before due to the decrease in shipping costs.

Any opinions on this matter? And tempting as it is let's try to leave our opinions of current politics at the door. Let's just keep this to the wine industry.


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