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Post your Grenache GTi notes here, Blends welcome!

Posted by Gregory Dal Piaz, Apr 7, 2009.

I've gotten a few questions from both consumers and producer about this GTi since Grenache is one of the world's greatest blending grapes. Well rest assured that we are equal opportunity imbibers here at Snooth and are interested in any wine that gives you your Grenache fix! To start us off allow me to run straight for the southern Rhone and write up a Chateauneuf du Pape but I opted instead to pull the Cote du Rhone from my favorite CdP producer: Beaucastel!

As usual Coudoulet punches well above it's price class! This is so well framed with the assertive structure of 2005 wrapped in a deep flannelly blanket of spicy plum fruits. There are nice mineral, floral and earthen notes here but this is really about wonderfully pure, deep fruit. I love Coudoulet with some age on, I just, regrettably, finished my stash of 1998s which were absolutely singing. In a world where $50 Cheateauneuf have become the norm this remain a serious bargain. 91pts

So lets get this party started. France, California, Sardinia, Spain, Morrocco: Bring on your favorite Grenache!


Reply by Pymonte, Apr 8, 2009.

Argiolas Costera Isola dei Nuraghi 2006

Beautiful Wine. Cooked raspberry, golden raisin, allspice, dark fruits, and pepper on the nose, with apple peel, unripe pear, leather, a hint of wildflowers, and luscious earthy tones in the mouth. Very long finish with well-structured tannins and just enough acidity. Definitely a great wine, especially for the price of about $15.

Reply by Meemup, Apr 10, 2009.

Hi; new to Snooth and new to Grenache! Recently tried Yalumba Bush Vine (about $16) on the recommendation of my local wine merchant. Liked it a bunch with spicy grilled sausages and was surprised (after what I've read about grenache) to find a good finish. I've not tried many so I can't really compare it to others but I do plan to have it again and try some more labels.

Reply by Philip James, Apr 13, 2009.

Grenache blends ok?

Clos du Mont Olivet Châteauneuf-du-Pape
"Rich, heady nose of blackcurrants and ethanol. Soft, showing age with a tar like quality. Nice acidity with truffles on the finish. Very nice."

Very generously supplied by Greg for Snooth's wine friday during which an investor dropped by. Very nice - i rarely drink medium aged Cote du Rhone, so this was a nice treat.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Apr 14, 2009.

And time for more this thursday. Slow going in the Grenache camp which is surprising since Chateauneuf seems to be one of the countries favorite wines these days.

Reply by Rodolphe Boulanger, Apr 14, 2009.

Las Rocas Rosado Cataluyud 2007
Bright, deep pink-magenta color - really pronounced for a rose.
A youthful medium intensity nose of strawberries, cherries and raspberries.
Dry with medium acidity, low tannin, medium body, alcohol and flavor intensity. Rich fruit flavors highlighted by strawberry and cherry fruit - slightly Jolly Rancher-ish. A touch of minerality and medium length.
A good Spanish Rosado thanks to its refreshing, concentrated fruit. Drink now to early 2010.

Reply by Austin Sung, Apr 18, 2009.

Chateauneuf-du-pape, E.Guigal, South Rhone, France 2001
80% Grenache, 10% Syrah, 5% Mourvedre and others (total 13 kinds)
Yellow and brown tone of color is very thin around rim. Overall water color tone looks thick & strong. But thickness flowing down the glass is medium.
Butter, oak, very light pleasing smoke, pear and vanilla smells are based overall. Berry kinds smells are also pleasing. Chocolate and cheddar cheese added with leather, dried grapes, dark cherry... fruitful complexed aroma is mild. 80% Grenache is very much matched with 10% syrah and others.
Acidity is dominant, but not tough on drinking. The taste of 10% Syrah is really master piece. The trailing note in pepper taste of syrah is well balanced with Grenache. Empowered, but not exceeding, mouthful scents are really pleasing with molecule of fruit acidity. Very minimal scent of butter and toast with dried grape is good on base.
Overall tanin is relatively weak, but this mild tanin is even better taste and well balanced with acidity.

Mixture of syrah 10% and others really hit the taste. Overall texture is good and well balanced. Personal rating: 92 points.
(I tasted for over 3 hours last month)

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Apr 19, 2009.

Nice note on the Guigal Austin.

Complete and detailed!

Reply by thewineattic, Apr 19, 2009.

Anyone going to the Wine Festival in Paso Robles on May 16? Zoller Wine received a Gold and Best in Varietal from the New World International Wine Competition. It is wonderful served chilled. Nice strawberry and cranberry notes. Great poolside beverage.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Apr 20, 2009.

My notes from last weeks Greachy tasting!

Flight 1 - Grenache more or less

2005 Kreydenweiss Perrieres Costiere de Nimes
20% Syrah 20% Grenache 60% Carignan 13.4% $18.00

A touch acetic, certainly earthy and gamy with some tobacco, leather, earth, slight reductive funk edge. Aromatic and complex if deicedly organic smelling. Round at first then turning quite sharp with cutting acids supporting cranberry, raspberry, unripe strawberry fruit with a raw beefy edge and some background earth and spice notes that gain a bit of an herbal edge on the backend. Finishes fresh and brisk with a bit more green strawberry tones, moderate length. Fresh and relatively complex. 87pts

2005 Edmunds St. John Rocks and Gravel California
Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre in unknown % 14.2% 18.00

A piercing nose of blueberry and black raspberry candy, soil, mineral, slate, pressed flowers/violet, a slight citrus peel tone, very fresh nose with an energetic fruity/savory synergy. Really delightful to smell. Fairly velvety right up front then brightening somewhat with a strong acidic push that is held in check by the ripe balanced fruit. A bit spicy up front with tobacco, bitter cocoa, and forest floor notes to the black tinged plum and berry fruit. The tannins are really well managed here offering great support to the fruit without being intrusive, or even noticeable for that mater. Very refreshing on the backend and finishing with good thrust and length to the mineral tinged black fruits, with a lovely flourish of spice on the finale. Great value 91pts

2005 Babich Mantra Grenache North Dalmatia, Croatia
13.5% $20.00

Very pencil leady and chalky on the nose with a narrow, focused note of earthy strawberry fruit and a touch of wet dog and seaweed. There is an underlying jammy warmth here and gentle notes of faded backing spices/middle eastern spice, turmeric, cardamom, green anise seed. Sweetly fruited right up front with a nice old vine feel in the mouth. Great acidity balanced all that fruit and while the wine is fresh with a golden raspberry tone there is a curious under current of baked fruit/ clay/ oxidation that recalls some old school Rioja. Tannins are very soft. A nice juicy red with flavors that are a touch indistinct. 87pts

Flight 2 Global Grenache

2005 Mathis Grenache Sonoma Valley
14.8% $30.00

A fairly subtle nose with a nice layered appearance that combines gently jammy raspberry fruit with a touch of leather, dried earth, a little dried orange peel, a floral tone and a fair sprinkling of talc like minerality and a little cigarette smoke and white pepper. Big yet pretty well balanced with bright, juicy red berry fruit, ripe, chewy tannins and nice spice tones that range from licorice to mint, sage and earth. Holds its alcohol well and feels big but balanced in the mouth with lots of strawberry and red currant fruit but held in check enough so that it never goes over to the bomb end of the spectrum. Very well done. 91pts

2007 Tres Picos Garnacha Borsao, Spain
15% $18.00

Smells like blackberry pie. A bit zinfandel like with brambly dark fruits and lots of oak induced baking spices. Smells sweet on the nose with lots of layered vanilla, spice and roasted fruit notes. Big and think on entry with dense, chewy brambly blackberry fruit. A lot of wine with a soft, approachable character. There is sufficient structure to carry the wine but the appeal is the rich, dark coffee cream tinged blackberry pie fruits. The finish lacks the harmony of the midpalate with acidity sticking out and coming completely unintegrated on the caustic finish. 84pts

2006 Ferruccio Deiana Sileno Cannonau de Sardinia, Italy
13.5% $18.00

A nose full of smoldering herbs, hay, earth, pencil eraser, oysters, strawberry liquor, chamomile, with a hint of mint and forest floor sets this apart. Round then quickly turning a touch more aggressive with tannins that just grab the mouth and are a hint drying yet offer great contrast to the rich, dark, roasted strawberry fruit in the mouth. There is a bit of vegetal character here that carries over from the nose repeating the chamomile and slight mint notes with a bit of gamy savoryness floating low in the fruit. Very fresh and honest feel to the wine. The finish shows a touch of wood up front and could use a bit more length but does offer a nice coffee bean note and refreshing fruit tones. Finishes with a zesty, bracing quality. 90pts

Flight 3 - Grenache of California

2006 Margerum Grenache Santa Barbara County
14.5% $36.00

A subtle note of raw wood greets the nose and is quickly joined by bright candied cherry fruit, floral and hay tones with vanilla crème, and balsamic/roast beef accents. Silky and superbly integrated with bright acids and fine tannins lurking just under the sheen of bright red berry fruit that has a melony/canteloup note adding complexity. This gains some dried green herb and vanilla notes on the backend but never becomes ponderous or heavy. A bit of apple adds to the mix, round and very friendly. The finish continues the theme but gains a firmness one misses on the palate offering vanilla tinged strawberries and spice and a hint of medicinal licorice. 91pts

2006 Broc Cellars Grenache, Dry Stack Vineyard, Bennet Valley California
15.4% $35.00

A really meaty, game nose with black earth, coal and spice tones greeting the nose. There some sweetness from wood here but also lots of intriguing herb and spice notes all over a bed of gamy, dried meats and salame notes and a touch of chlorine. Very smooth and polished with a spicy green cardamon note right up front that is joined by layers of dark cherry fruit, bitter chocolate, fairly intense herbal driven spice notes, a really different expression of Grenache. Feels fine, nice tannins with a bit of bite to loose, solid acids, a touch of black tea across the mid-palate, finishes long with a complex layering of spice, herbal, medicinal and dried plummy fruit notes that are a bit tarry and exceptionally long. Wow this is really different not for everyone but a special wine. 93pts

2005 Core Grenache Alta Mesa Vineyards Santa Barbara County
15.5% $35.00

Earthy, jammy, alcoholic nose. Lot’s of raw beef, cocoa powder+, garrigue+, apricot, bitter cherry, watermelon, pollen notes. Vivid in the mouth with a lithe feel that belies it’s formidable alcoholic content. A full blown wine but not heavy or extracted, just ripe and alcoholic. This is freshly fruited with notes of apricot, watermelon and cherry on the palate, not the most complex but well balanced and showing excellent integration and balance and a real sense of harmony in the mouth once you get over the initial alcoholic shock. Finishes very abruptly . Eminently fun to drink but without follow through. 88pts

Flight 4 - Mostly Grenache

2006 Core Elevation Sensation Alta Mesa Vineyard - Santa Barbara Co.
61% Grenache 39% Mourvedre 15.1% Syrah $42.00

Sweet blackberry fruit on the nose with some pencil lead, smoke, brownie, chocolate, game, and black pepper notes that gain an intense leather, show polish tone and spicy truffle nuances. Silken on the palate with wonderfully bright acidity and superb tannin that keep this tight and focused. Just slightly dense and chewy and certainly not fully open this has deep, rich fruit with notes of plum, black cherry, black currant and a hint of roasted pecan adding a savory edge. There are soft background notes of vanilla and bay leaf and a subtle menthol top note . Very zesty in the mouth and finishing with intense inner mouth perfume of violet pastille, cinnamon, mint, and licorice. A delicious wine with significant upside potential and the most penetratingly aromatic finish! 93pts

2006 Bois de Boursan Chateauneuf du Pape
65% Grenache 15% Syrah 15% Mourvedre 5% other 14% $50.00

A bit gamy on the nose with a big dose of brett that obscures a lot of the bright berry fruit and spice notes. Leather with a barnyard edge that veers closely to the band-aid end of the spectrum though nice notes of kirsch, herb, dried grasses and dried raspberries battle back. Sweetly fruited with a lovely natural brightness and moderate, yet chewy tannins make this very lively in the mouth. Plenty of earthy fruit on the palate with a menthol and tar edge but the brett tamps the fruit down. The tannins are a bit drying and will benefit from some brief cellaring and really pop on the moderately long yet drying finish. 86pts

2005 Kaesler Avignon Barossa Valley
Grenache 41% Shiraz 40% Mourvedre 19% 15.5% $25.00

Deep nose is marked by a dried fruit character and moist earth/forest floor tones and a buttery overlay. Smells a little mineral water like with a bit of alcoholic burn. There is a pleasant yet mysterious sweetness to the nose like a box of candied fruit. A bit chunky and chewy in the mouth with real presence, lots of polished tannins, well integrated acidity. The flavors are a touch dark and extracted with notes of coffee liquor, roast beef juices, fig and date complimenting the roasted red berry fruit. Finishes a touch short. 88pts

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