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Post totals

Posted by rckr1951, Jul 10.

Here are the results of tracking the posting totals.  This exactly what I sent to the support office.


Here's the data I promised you.  I am using the screen names for this and starts on 7/1 and ends on 7-10.
RCKR        389/329/326/330/328/331/324/309/309/309   LOSS = 80 WAS AT 409
RBA          844/829/829/830/829/800/796/787/785/785   LOSS = 59 WAS AT 887
vinOvinO  2/2/1/0/1/1/2/0/1/1 This person has posted dozens of times yet he only has 1
STEPHAN  1315/1315/1299/1243/1227/1235/1235/1235/1240/1209  LOSS = 106
DMCKER  4415/4417/4419/4422/4423/4431/4431/4424/4424/4424   LOSS = 7
JDERRY   1959/1957/1958/1958/1958/1959/1961/1962/1962/1962   GAIN = 3
OT             1527/1528/1528/1529/1529/1529/1529/1530/1530/1523   LOSS = 7
GREGT     2315/2315/2316/2317/2318/2318/2318/2319/2319/2319    GAIN = 4
EMARK     3545/3546/3547/3548/3549/3550/3551/3553/3553/3555    GAIN = 10
For me personally, this represents a total loss 587 post since I've been here - the last time I got up to 442 and dropped all the way to ZERO and had to start over.
Hope this helps your effort. Thanks - Paul


Reply by Really Big Al, Jul 10.

Interesting data collection RC.  I've known for a while that the posting totals have been messed up, and that's one reason I don't even bother with the reviews, trophies and things of this matter on this site.  It just goes to show you that the administration of the wine forum is minimal.

Reply by rckr1951, Jul 10.

This was their initial reply:

Thanks for your efforts Paul, we really appreciate it. The data you provided is enough, we are looking into it.


wencis Acosta 
Snooth Customer Support

That name is on all correspondence I've ever received so it may be a bot or an actual person - I don't know.  Paul

Reply by rckr1951, Jul 10.

RBA - Interestingly the review totals are stable.  Don't under how that can be but the other isn't.  Should be some kind of arithmetic sequence that isn't working properly. Another variant is that some of the "old timers" on the site never lose at all.

Reply by Really Big Al, Jul 10.

Coding issue, I imagine.  Somebody screwed up the source code.

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Jul 10.

Are the posts lost or just the tracking off them

Reply by rckr1951, Jul 10.

I don't think the posts are lost - just the numerical tracking of them.  I've just kept track of mine because I was near a 500 post trophy that I remembered about and when I hit 442 and over the course of the next few days I was down to zero.

Since then there have been incidents that have raised my eyebrows and I've tracked them.  I've seen this stuff happen on other sites and the end result is not good.  Also, when new people same they'd like to earn a few trophies I sorta cringe and want to say maybe.

Reply by outthere, Jul 10.

I don't keep track of that stuff as it has no bearing on my use of the site. I'm truly amazed you follow it so closely. Hope you get what you are after.

Reply by dmcker, Jul 11.

Reviews of wine are actually not fine, and have been subject to horrible bastardizations and truncations, mistaken mergers, wrong headers substituted meaning the reviews you wrote end up being labeled for the wrong wines, wrong categorizations, disappearing reviews, etc., etc., etc. I stopped reviewing wines long ago when they not only got butchered, but Admins couldn't deal with the problems, repeatedly. After the Philip era accountability from mgmnt got weak, and after GDP's departure became non-existent.

Definitely problems with the source code architecture from back at the beginning. No motivation or resources to clean out the Augean Stables, it would seem.

Stephen, the posts don't seem to be lost, just the statistical tracking garbled. Since I've never been a big leader-board freak it's never bothered me, but it does indicate something rotten on the tech side since the problems have been endemic, over years and years with no obvious, concerted effort to solve them all since Philip has been gone. Early on great effort was put into SEO and spider crawls and scrapes across the Web--so much so that controversy was generated at other sites. At that time the Forum was built to what it is now, but nothing's really been done to it this decade. I haven't seen large scale database problems solved during the same time period, either.

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Jul 11.

I do remember the Spider Crawl controversy

Did that have a major impact on Snooth?

I don't bother doing review like DMCKER for similar reasons

It goes to my other post - we is actually going on with Snooth????

Reply by rckr1951, Jul 11.

OT - I wasn't and am not looking for anything.  When I first started noticing this and other problems, ie read DMCKER's post (I've noticed the same thing), I thought that if I could do something to help the IT dept get a heads up it might prevent the system from degrading any further.

This is my last effort however.  I tracked things for them and submitted them and that's enough for me.

Reply by MJET, Jul 11.

It really does not matter to most of those who frequent here. We know who the big players and contributors are........

Reply by dvogler, Jul 11.

I'm mostly surprised that the "someecard" meme Al used contains such a glaring grammatical error as using "your" instead of "you're".


Reply by rckr1951, Jul 11.

MJET - Though I agree with that the new comers that like the "trophies" idea, and some do,  are in for a rude awakening and that's not good site pr.  I stumbled across this stuff shortly after here and didn't give it much thought until I found out about the one for contributing to snooth for posting.  I thought that would be nice, am at 442 - 500 for the trophy, why not get it?

That was as close as I got - and for some reason it stuck in my craw and I just more out curiosity of about how things work started watching.  Beginning to wish I hadn't.

Sorta the way deleting 40+ spam again this morning did.

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