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Posted by andrew, Dec 22, 2007.

A though of something to offer your online partners, widget or feed. If someone makes a purchase, they can automatically add the wines to their cellar, and then rate the wines. The users' rating can appear on the site via feed or widget. I know from my web work that user feedback is a tricky thing to implement, but you guys already have the technology in place, so using that technology could be great for other sites, and might bring in even more user generated content.


Reply by Philip James, Dec 22, 2007.


I like it - tell me more. We're always looking for ways to involve the merchants more closely.

User makes a purchase, then what, a popup asks them to link their Snooth account. If they go, we get sent purchase details and add the wine to your cellar. then what? you talk about the merchant displaying review data?

Reply by gr, Jan 17, 2008.

This smells dangerously like Facebook's Beacon. It'd be best to make it an option for the end customer, and it'd need to be very clear what was going on.

Reply by Philip James, Jan 17, 2008.

Oh yes, this would not happen 'on the sly', it would be a specific 'Opt in' option, not a hidden 'opt out'...

Anyway, nothing immediate is on the cards either way.

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