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Posted by JonDerry, Dec 29, 2011.

To the techs at Snooth:

I know you respond to many inquiries and complaints that we experience, but just wanted to take the time out to give you kudo's to one board feature that has helped quite often.

That is, sometimes i'll take a look at the board, not really meaning to post, so I don't log in. Inevitably however, I may type something and start to post (still not logged in), and having the ability to log in after typing quite a bit of text, and coming back to approve comes in handy a lot for me.

Happy New Year's,



Reply by Chris Carpita, Jan 3, 2012.

Thanks Jon, that's great to hear!  It really helps to hear what people like, in addition to what they don't like - that allows us to form a more complete picture of your experiences.  Have a happy New Year!

Reply by StevenBabb, Jan 7, 2012.

i haven't had as much time as i would like lately to spend on snooth, but WOW... the improvements and changes that have taken place in the past year or so are amazing...

keep up the good work, and next time i'm in NY, i'm definatley going to try and stop by and say hi.. last may when i was in manhattan, i missed my small window to make it to the west side...

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