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Posing Naked to Save French Organic Wines

Posted by Martingauthier, Oct 7, 2009.

I saw this post this morning and found it very interesting...

This past weekend 713 hardy French men and women stripped down to send a message about climate change. They posed nude in French vineyards to warn the world about the impact of global warming on the French wine industry.

To my opinion their is not enough french organic wine on the market. The taste is different, fresher and the texture just great.

What is your opinion? Do you prefer organic or chimical wine?


Reply by GregT, Oct 8, 2009.

"The taste is different, fresher and the texture just great. "

That of course makes absolutely no sense. Regardless, I'm always in favor of more nakedness. If nakedness results in better wine, well, the direction is clear.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Oct 8, 2009.

I prefer drinking in the nude.

It's a grand old tradition amongst Italian wine writers.

I prefer well made wines and second Greg's opinion regarding nakedness.

Reply by D9sus4, Oct 8, 2009.

While I am very much in favor of the organic and/or biodynamic direction that many wineries are moving, I don't think you can generalize about their taste. That's up to the winemaker and his choice of processing the grapes after they've been harvested. I've had some great organically grown wines and some poor ones.

But, on this I can agree, wine tastes better to me when drunk in the nude and my girlfriend seconds that opinion... but, we won't be posing for any pictures of that soon ;)

Reply by D9sus4, Oct 8, 2009.

Here's a link to a list of wineries that are producing biodynamically grown wine:

Reply by dmcker, Oct 9, 2009.

"I prefer drinking in the nude."

"The taste is different, fresher and the texture just great. "

Exploring the peaks and valleys of the naked landscape--preferably with a bone dry champagne--definitely something I am always up for...

Reply by rar8888, Oct 9, 2009.

In my experience drinking wine tends to lead to nakedness, but I am certainly willing to try it the other way around.

Reply by Doctor Bob, Oct 14, 2009.

The director should have insisted that for the good of the Planet Earth all the great looking girls should turn around towards the camera.

Reply by kylewolf, Oct 14, 2009.

I can't disagree, something about the nudity combined with drinking wine, gives you a sense of relaxation and in my opinion, a feeling that is entirely unique to this action...nothing else I think can elicit that same euphoria.

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