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Portuguese Port for my father

Posted by LindseyNoelMedeiros, Jan 10, 2012.

Hey all! I am new to this site and am looking for a really nice Ruby port to buy my Dad for his 60th birthday.  I am looking to spend anywhere between $50 and $100.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Ruby ports from Portugal?

Here are a few that I found so far...

1975 Cockburn

Graham's 2003 Vintage

Fonseca Vintage port 2009



Reply by marketview1, Jan 11, 2012.


You have a very good list above.  Definitely want a vintage port which is one where after initial aging in wood, the rest is all bottle aging.  Not every year is deemed a vintage year for Port (only the great ones).  '09 is one of the best vintages in some time, along with '07, '00, '03 and '08 in that order.  Remember that vintage Port is not ready to be opened for at least 15 years after bottling.  I am sure your Dad is well aware of that though if he is a vintage Port lover.  They can even age as long as like 50 years in the bottle and still improve.  I have put a link to a vintage chart at to show you the break down on years reviewed.  Top producers are Fonseca, Graham's, Taylor, Cockburn and some others as well. If he doesn't mind waiting another 15 years or so scooping up an '09 would be a great idea, but go with the older vintages if you intended on him opening for his Birthday or shortly after.  Hope this helps and I didn't ramble too much.  Good luck!


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Jan 12, 2012.

I'd look for an 83 or even 1980 vintgae port. 83 is certainly more highly regarded, though the 1980 is really drinking well today, elegant and pretty much fully mature, not to mention reasonably priced. You can see listing for these wines here. 1980 Vintage Ports in Stock.

In order of quality I would suggest that they are very close but this might be a helpful list.

1980 Taylor

1980 Graham

1980 Dow

1980 Warres

Like I mentioned, 1983 is more highly regarded than 1980 and while the best of 83 are better than the best of 89, I'm not sure they are worth the difference in price. Having said that here is a list of top 1983 ports, along with a link to 1983 Vintage Ports in Stock

1983 Fonseca

1983 Graham

1983 Cockburn

1983 Niepoort


Happy Hunting!

Reply by LindseyNoelMedeiros, Jan 17, 2012.

THANK YOU BOTH!! I decided to go with the 1980 Graham's Vintage.  I am sure he will like it and will open it sometime over the weekend :)

Thank you again for taking the time to give your input, it was greatly appreciated.

Take care and keep drinking!


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