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Posted by MeravSomm, Nov 17, 2013.

So yesterday I had Port for the first time. Churchill, 20 yo. It was really good, smooth, buttery (if that's OK to describe port this way) , not too sweet. 

Any other ports you would recommend?




Reply by duncan 906, Nov 17, 2013.

I am surprised it was the first time.I have been drinking port since I was old enough to drink [and I am now well into my 50's]. I prefer the Ruby Ports although I have not had a bottle for a while. I have had a couple of the French fortified wines ,Maury, Banyuls and a Floc de Gascogne  as well as the Greek Mavrodaphne.I would prefer the Greek Mavrodaphne,a Banyuls or a Maury to most ports because they are fruitier and less alcoholic.

Reply by MeravSomm, Nov 17, 2013.

Thanks Dunkan, I would have never thought of a Greek Port. How would you rate the Churchill compared to those your mentioned, just curious, since you know ports/fortified wines.

Reply by duncan 906, Nov 18, 2013.

Other fortified wines you might like are sherry from Spain,marsala from Sicily and Maderia from the island of that name

Reply by GregT, Nov 18, 2013.

merav - I assume it was a tawny port? Those are brown and full of butterscotch flavors. You can get similar character on most any 20 year tawny.

A vintage port is different. It's from a particular vintage and the fermentation is stopped by the addition of alcohol so you have a kind of fruit juice/alcohol blend. Then they're bottled and set aside for many many years. Those ports are purple. Same grapes as the others, but they're not in casks, so they never get that slight oxidation, and they're from a single vintage rather than a blend. Very different.

As mentioned above, there are similar wines elsewhere. I think sherry is quite different, although it's also a fortified wine. But the Banyuls and Maury are very similar, just made with different grapes.

Here's some more information from Taylor and you may as well try their port too. It's good.


Reply by duncan 906, Nov 18, 2013.

I liked the story about the Bishop of Norwich, There is also a tradition that when the port is served, usually towards the end of the meal with the cheese, each diner has to pass the port bottle or decanter to the person sitting to his left after he has poured himself a glass. On a ship, of course the left side is the port side

Reply by MeravSomm, Nov 20, 2013.

Greg, thank you so much for the info and link. I now have a list of  fortified wines to look for on my next visit to the liquor store. Yes, Churchill was a tawny one, but I didn't think about it till you said so. That's why I joined the forum… to learn from people like you. And now that you mentioned that, I remember the purply ones from…well... movies. Now I know something new  :)

The link is very interesting and answered few more questions I had. Thanks again. 

None of you responded to my question about Churchill. I am just wondering if that is your way to say "not my favorite" and that I should expect better from the list you provided? Or  was that just an oversight? I just really would like to know if I started in the right place, in terms of my palate and fortified wine? 

Duncan- that is such a nice story. Thanks for sharing.


Reply by quattroG, Dec 4, 2013.

when I wanted to start drinking port wines, a friend suggested a good middle of the road port Fonseca Bin 27. Sell here in PA for around $24 a bottle. It's a ruby port, which I have found I like more than a tawny port. But then again, I do like both. I've tried others in the same price range, and have always come back to Fonseca. One day I'll splurge for one of those $70 bottles. But for now, Bin 27 is my go to port.

Reply by jescobio, Dec 8, 2013.

Matanzas Creek Syrah Port if you can get a hold of it.  I have a couple of 2000 that I am still holding onto.  Best port I've ever tasted.  Not a touch of over-alcohol.  Just right.

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