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Please give us message TEXT in email notifications.

Posted by gr, Aug 31, 2007.

I understand why Facebook doesn't, they have advertisers, but it is extremely frustrating to get an email that says "you have a message, go somewhere else". That's functionally spam.

You don't need to expose the other's email address: users will still have to load the site to respond, but as it stands now, they have to load the site in order to even see if they want to respond. There are circumstances under which it is more time consuming than normal to load Snooth (mobile devices) or even impossible (behind corporate content filters).

The benefit of letting users communicate effectively far outweighs the risk that they will circumvent your website in their communications. Users will communicate however they choose to do so: if your way to communicate makes things irritating or difficult for them, they just won't use it at all.


Reply by Philip James, Aug 31, 2007.

gr - your request has been noted. we're still weighing up the community's reactions

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