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Please add missing Puglian Varietals + Wines incorrectly attributed to our cellar

Posted by TerreFedericianeSrl, Jan 12, 2011.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to kindly ask you to add the following varietals from Puglia (Italy) that are missing in the database. Without adding these vines, we cannot complete our wines profile:

- Nero di Troia (this is also called Uva di Troia, so maybe the two names should be added, as they are both used by the producers, and both are known by the wine lovers)

- Primitivo

- Bombino Bianco

- Falanghina


Besides I have a problem with three wines that have been attributed to our cellar (we are "Cantine Terre Federiciane" - our profile on snooth is at this page:, but they are produced by another company named "Cantine Federiciane Monteleone" (here is they're site:

I've followed the FAQ to edit the wines data, so I tried to indicate the correct name of they're cellar, but when the system asks me to add the new company to the database, it fails to do it, and I still see the wines attributed to us (I tried yesterday and today, so it's not a matter of update time).

Could you please fix this error?

I list you the links to the mistaken wines:

I think that the last two wines are duplicate, so maybe you should check also for this.

Thanks in advance.


Cantine Terre Federiciane


Reply by Chris Carpita, Feb 2, 2011.

Umberto - we recently fixed an issue with adding new wineries when editing or adding wines to the system.  Please let me know if that addresses the issue.

Regarding the duplicates, these can be fixed on the search page by clicking "Interact" underneath the wine image, then clicking "This wine is a duplicate".  You would then click on the good wine into which you want to merge.

I'll have a word w/ GDP regarding the missing varieties.  It's possible that we use english synonyms for those particular cases.

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