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Pinot grigio

Posted by Terrence , Oct 21, 2015.

Anyone can suggest a good pinot grigio under $20 I normally buy cavit


Reply by JonDerry, Oct 21, 2015.

Not really under $20, sometimes I cook with Bella Serra and think it's fine to drink too for under $10 even, but if you're ever up for a special bottle $40+ of Pinot Grigio I'd recommend Radikon. They make the wine through organic processes and usually give the wine plenty of skin contact which makes the appearance more of an orange color. Anyhow, it tastes fantastic and that's what counts.

Here's a link to where you could purchase if so inclined

Reply by EMark, Oct 21, 2015.

Right at your price point, Terrance, you might look at Terlan.  In my view, better than Cavit

Reply by vin0vin0, Oct 21, 2015.

Terrence, nice timing as I am currently enjoying a Navarro Vineyards Pinot Gris this evening and it is very nice!

Here are a few of my favorite value pinot grigio/gris winemakers that are fairly easy to get your hands on, most are under $15, all are less than $20:

A to Z Wineworks
Estancia Winery
Hahn Winery
King Estate
Navarro Vineyards
Willamette Valley Vineyards
Reply by Brenda Loar Feindt, Oct 21, 2015.

La Tunella has incredible body and flavor. It is not too sweet and gives a warm finish I can only describe as comforting. ....a good wine to feel cozy with.

Reply by dmcker, Oct 21, 2015.

Interesting that there are so few Italians being nominated...

Reply by EMark, Oct 22, 2015.

Interesting that there are so few Italians being nominated.

An unfortunate result of the U.S. bias on this board.

On the other hand, four of the examples listed above are Italian.  Six are U.S.-- three from California and three from Oregon.  I can't speak from experience, but I have heard some very positive reports about Pinot Gris from Oregon.

BTW, welcome Brenda.  We are pleased to have you along.  Your recomendation sent me off to Google.  Sounds like a good one.

Reply by GregT, Oct 24, 2015.

Terrance - here are some others you might want to try.

Milbrandt, Chateau St. Michelle and A-Z produce them in WA and they're all under $20

Joel Gott produces one in Oregon and there are other producers, like WillaKenzie that are relatively easy to find. You could try Seven Hills if you can find it.

People have mentioned some from CA - J Vineyards puts it in oak for a while so theirs is a bit different from some, and there's Hendry and Middle Sister which is really cheap but not too bad.

Even in Virginia they have some - Barboursville puts one out and I think there are others - maybe see if Trump has one.

From Italy there's Santa Margherita, and better, Alois Lageder, which is way better than the Cavit, and there's also Haas and Elena Walch.. There are actually many producers, but a lot of the stuff isn't very good. For my money, the producers in  Alto Adige, are the better ones.

From Alsace, where it's probably most famous, there's Hugel, Sparr, Trimbach and Zind Humbrecht, but most of those have become pretty pricey these days. Still, if you hunt, you can get them on sale sometimes at 19.99.

If you want to go farther afield, New Zealand actually makes some pretty good ones. I once told someone that it was a completely useless grape and later that week went to a tasting of NZ wines and found a few that were pretty good so I had to eat my words. But they're not too easy to find.

Even more fun would be to get some Grauburgunder, aka Grauer Burgunder or Rulander. That's what they call it in Germany and I know that Donhoff makes one, but good luck finding it. If you hunt you may be able to find some from Austria more readily than from Germany.

A lot of them, particularly from Italy, are rather tasteless and watery. It's the most imported grape to the US and they produce it by the boatload. Those from the mountains in the north tend to be higher in acidity and they have more personality.

In Alsace they're different and often have a little bit of residual sugar to make them almost off-dry. It's warmer there too, so you get softer wines. They think they are the pinnacle of Pinot Gris however, so you should try some to see if you like them.

Those from the US are all over the map. Some are soft, some crisp, and you pretty much have to taste each one to see where you'd put it.

FWIW, I've seen or purchase all of the above for under $20 at one point. Might have been clearance sales, so I'm not swearing that that's the going rate in most places. Good luck!

Reply by Brenda Loar Feindt, Oct 25, 2015.

EMARK. ...Thanks for the welcome!  I am learning so much here!

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