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Piemonte Cities from which to base travel

Posted by staylor838, Jul 22, 2014.

We are are going to this area in September. We have been to Italy 4 times but never to this region. We are winos and foodies and would like some ideas on where to stay in this area. We will have a car and any help would be aprreciated. Hotels recs would be welcome as there are many options out there are you know. Thank you in advance


Reply by Richard Foxall, Jul 22, 2014.

Lucky you.  I was just there... Piedmont is pretty stretched out.  If you want to be in Barolo/Barbaresco country, I stayed at a really nice agriturismo (read: Bed and Breakfast) in Castiglione Falletto called Tenuta Montanello.  It's a working winery, although not one of the stars.  But the hosts are extremely nice and it's quite reasonable.  It faces the alps and, if skies are clear, you can see them pretty clearly behind the rolling vineyards of the Barolo region.  That's far from your only option.  There are many agriturismos in the Barolo region.  One advantage to Tenuta Montanello is that it is close to the main road to Alba and on the end of the Barolo region closest to Barbaresco, so you can visit and taste at wineries there easily.

You could stay in Alba, but I'd opt for one of the Barolo villages. La Morra also has nice accommodations, and Burlotto in Verduno (a star winery) has an agriturismo with a pool.  Alba is bigger, but less charming and farther from the wineries that you want to visit. 

If you travel up near Lake Country (one side of Lago Maggiore is in Piedmont), Stresa is a convenient base of operations with many hotels and smaller inns.  If you pack light, you can probably walk to most of them from the train station and save yourself using a car.  You can take boats to the Borromean Islands right off the coast from Stresa, and other boat trips to points on the lake.  I think Stresa's one fault is that you don't see as much of the lake, so day trips on the lake are worthwhile. 

If you are going to other areas of Piemonte, I can't help you, but, for my money, wine tourism in Barolo cannot be beat, and pure relaxation in the Lake Country is beyond wonderful.  (My lake country experience is now two years old, FWIW.)

There are other Snoothers who actually live in Piedmont, so I hope they will chime in.

Reply by Manny Schrager, Jul 22, 2014.

Check out La Villa in Mombaruzzo.  Look it up on TripAdvisor.  The reviews are dead on. We've been there 3 times, including a "college reunion" with six other couples.  It's a terrific place with a wonderful couple, Nicola and Chris, who really know the area and can easily address all your tourings, tastings and meals.  Only issue is that it is a drive to anywhere from here, about 45 minutes to Barolo for example.  20 minutes to Acqui Terme which has great restaurants and a fun place to walk.  We always think its worth the extra drive time.  Bonus - it's walking distance to Berte, which I think has to be one of the largest grappa distillers anywhere.  Great place to tour, especially when trying their wide range, including their 20+ year old selections.  We love the little town of Barbaresco, the tasting room with every Barbaresco made, Antine restaurant (right next door to Gaja) and a tour of Produtorri facilty.  Enjoy!  

Reply by staylor838, Jul 26, 2014.

thanks Manny I do appreciate the time you took to answer my questions. st

Reply by staylor838, Jul 30, 2014.

thanks for the notes. We settled on Fossano. Not sure if anyone has a comment. Hotel sounded incredible:

Palazzo Righini.

Reply by dmcker, Aug 1, 2014.

Me, I'd base out of Liguria and do a road trip with a couple overnighters during it, in different towns, such as La Morra and Alba, depending on where I was planning to visit. Nice to get some visits arranged ahead of time, depending on how serious intended to get.

Feeling more beachy during the summer, and want that ocean breeze.  ;-)

The Lakes can be a substitute, of course, and Fox's reccs are spot on.

Reply by jan1986, Aug 16, 2014.

Let´s check this web site, you can find here some nice places to visit.

Reply by EMark, Aug 16, 2014.

Snoothers--I'm pretty sure that Jan1986 has more than casual interest in the web site cited in the above post.  Regardless, I think that the site might be interesting and, possibly, even useful to some here who might be planning trips.  

Reply by dmcker, Aug 16, 2014.

JAN '86 approved your post, but we're expecting a lot more from you than just a simple plug for your wesbsite...

Reply by jan1986, Aug 17, 2014.

You´re right guys. So better comments for the Piedmont wineries:

Vini Rovero a few steps from the Asti is very nice winery where you can taste good wines and also excellent grappa, because they have also the "Grapperia". More on the South you can find the Marchesi Alfieri winery, set in San Martino Alfieri - there you can taste perfect and noble Barbera d´Asti Sup.! and you can see one of the oldest vine (vineyard) in Italy (over 200 years). For the tasty Barbaresco let's visit Giuseppe Cortese winery where is the best view on the famous vineyard Rabajá. The really good wines you can find also in Ada Nada winery where you will by host of very friendly Mrs. Nada and you will taste nice range of their wines. Finally if you want to taste the amazing sweet Asti, go to the Ca´d´Gal winery and try tropical fruit wines from their production.

Hope this is better recommandation for the Piedmont places to visit :-)

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