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Posted by 6Bacchus9, Jul 28, 2014.

Hi all! I am new here and was wondering if anyone had any experience in purchasing Picolit back in the States? Perhaps through one of the online wine auctions places? I am trying to get an idea of the average price of Picolit stateside and on the auction sites. Also wondering if it is worth it to unload my Picolit collection. 2003 excellent condition. Any thoughts or comments are most welcome! Thanks everybody.


Reply by dmcker, Jul 29, 2014.

Assume you're talking dessert wines? That's the only version I've had, a few times in the Veneto.

Your profile says you're in the States. Are you actually in Italy?

Sounds like a very, very specialized niche, even though there was some cachet around it way back when I started drinking in the '70s. Have barely heard anything of it since then, other than when I might visit Venice and its environs and order some at a restaurant. Will possibly require a lot of effort to drum up interest, though if you take the long view you can start approaching auction sites one at a time and see how things go. Just don't expect any big action, fast. Might have a bite somewhere some ways down the line...

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