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Partnership Update

Posted by Philip James, May 31, 2007.

I've mentioned many of our partners in individual posts over the weeks, but I wanted to give a summary post detailing our progress.

We have data from over 150 sources, although much of it is in the queue to be loaded in, we'll still launch with data from over 50 sources as well as the ability for you to link directly to, K&L and Sam's to make a purchase. Here's a few of the companies we have data from:

stores including Zachy's, Astor, Vinfolio, Wine Messenger, JJ Buckley;
Inertia Beverage Group (which represents over 300 winery brands);
critics and bloggers including Jose Penin (of the Spanish Penin Guide), Robin Garr (of the Wine Lovers Page);
wine UPC specialist Gregg London;
importers including Baron Francois, Diageo, Southern;
tasting note sites including CellarTracker;
wine awards including Critics Challenge, International Wine and Spirits Competition, Finger Lakes Wine Awards, San Diego Wine Awards.

By my count thats 21, so there are quite a few I've missed out. My apologies to those people/companies that aren't mentioned but this wasn't supposed to be a complete list. We'll be live in just a few days, so users will then be able to see for themselves what data we have.


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