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Posted by LetUsTaste, Feb 10, 2013.

Dear Snooth,


I can no longer use this site with Opera web browser. E.g.:

1. The my user name/Logout links at the upper right corner don't work.

2. The top header menu is broken and occupies two lines instead of one.

3. The Search box is unclickable either (no surprise - it's at the same line where my username/logout links are).


I've been using Snooth with Opera for several years by now, and it worked fine. Is there any hope to get it back to work with my favorite web browser? FWIW, I'm using the latest version of Opera 12.12 on MS Windows.


Thanks in advance.



best regards,



Reply by Michael C Butler, Feb 11, 2013.

Hello, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I checked the website in Opera 12 in both Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows 7 with default settings and didn't find the problems you experienced, so there may be a setting or extension in your browser that is modifying the display of the page.

Nevertheless, I have made some changes that may have fixed the things you were experiencing. Could you please clear your browser cache (Opera button -> Settings -> Delete Private Data...) and try refreshing the page to see if the problems do not re-occur?

Thank you again.

Reply by LetUsTaste, Feb 16, 2013.

Hello, and thanks for your reply. I'm attaching a picture of how it looks like in my browser:

I've noticed that if I set the Zoom factor for the page to 90% (Opera -> Page -> Zoom -> 90%), then it renders correctly. Please note that in my Display settings on Windows I have selected the 110% scale factor for UI elements (Control Panel -> Display  -> Change the size of all items -> Custom sizing options). Perhaps this setting contributes to the problem since it makes all fonts a bit larger, which can break the layout of the page.

Now that I have a workaround I can live with that. However, I thought I'd let you know about the issue so that perhaps you could fix it, and Snooth would work fine by default even if users increase the size of UI elements in their display settings.

Thanks anyway for all your hard work on making this site better!

Reply by LetUsTaste, Feb 16, 2013.

Another tiny bit of information about my configuration: in Opera Preferences (Ctrl+F12) on the Fonts tab I've set the Minimum font size (pixels) setting to 12. This might affect the font sizes as well.

Reply by Michael C Butler, Feb 22, 2013.

Thanks for that info. Yes, it appears that your default minimum font setting of 12 pixels is causing this issue. It is often hard to accomodate many possible font sizes, because many of the bounding boxes we use are a fixed size (not fluid). However in this case, I was able to fix the problem. You can now use larger minimum font sizes and it will work much better.

The zoom setting usually works better because it increases not just font sizes but also the boxes along with it.

Reply by LetUsTaste, Feb 22, 2013.

This is awesome! Thank you very much, Michael!

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