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Opening a wine store

Posted by Henry Glucroft, Aug 15, 2012.

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I am thinking about opening a wine store and thought I would get people's ideas on the matter and possibly hear from others' experiences in this process.

I live in NYC, so there are the obvious considerations of not being to close to churches, schools and existing stores, which makes it really hard to find a potential location. That being said, I think I have found a good location and have already had a legit surveyor come out to check it out and am currently negotiating a lease. Before signing the lease and taking the next steps which involve more money and commitment, I thought I would see what people might have to say about this...

Also, just interested in hearing anything and everything that comes to mind... I am tech savvy and hope to take advantage of the store to implement new tools as well as develop some of my own that would benefit my store, but that could also be spun off into supporting other stores as well. 

Looking forward to discussing with the Snooth community :)



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