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"Old Faustino V Wine"

Posted by vintage71, Jul 27, 2010.

I have a bottle of Faustino V vintage 1971 that I have been storing in my basement. I just noticed it is starting to leak. What should I do, does that mean it has gone bad?


Reply by dmcker, Jul 27, 2010.

Are you talking the reserva, or something else (e.g. the rosado)? And what are the temperatures (highs and lows, not just average) in your basement? Near heating units, by any chance? Humidity?  Etc.

More a wine to drink up before now, I would think, and the 'leaking' is not a good sign. I suggest you choose an appropriate occasion and open it soon. Riojas can certainly age well, but depending on what this is (and the conditions down there), it isn't a candidate for half-century storage, IMHO. Don't have huge expectations, but just be open to what it is. I wouldn't have it with strongly flavored food, either....

If you have other wine near it, too, the questions in the first paragraph are very pertinent.

Reply by vintage71, Jul 27, 2010.

The storage conditions have been fairly consistantly cool maybe humid. I do have a few other bottles stored in the same rack. None of the others are leaking. I think I purchased this in 1973 in ROTA while in the Navy.

All that is on the label is a picture of a man below which is "Faustino V" At the top it says "Rioja  1971 Fino" on the back label at the top it says "RIOJA" below there is a map and at the bottom AJN 003229  (?BATCH #?) on the lower right corner it says:


"DEOR4IGEN" Note there is a 4 over printed on this word.

Also, the bottle is in a very fine wire mesh.

Reply by dmcker, Jul 27, 2010.

Again, I suggest you open it soon. Stand it upright for two or three days ahead of time, then let it breath in bottle a little (an hour?) after you pull the cork. I'd have it with tapas, or beef or pork as a main, a not-so-seafoody paella, or even just cheese, olives and bread.

Let us know how it tastes to you. If it is damaged or just-plain-enervated to the extent you don't want to drink the whole bottle, you can always use the remainder in a stew or sauce, depending on the flavors that remain.

What else did you bring home from Rota?

Reply by GregT, Jul 27, 2010.

Open it but don't expect much.  Not the greatest vintage, not the greatest producer, and the wine is starting to leak.  The wire mesh was a common way to seal the wine - made it difficult to fill the bottle w something else and re-cork.  Let us know what happens.

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