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North Carolina Wines? Shameless plug for a family member.

Posted by Richard Foxall, Jun 8, 2012.

So last fall my former brother-in-law (we remain great friends) brought some wine from North Carolina, where he has a home in Asheville.  Little did I suspect he and his wife were working on a website to sell wines from the state.  The site has now launched. We've had reviews of Virginia wines and recently a post from a Chambourcin drinker from Missouri.  Some of the wines they carry are hybrids, some are non-vinifera, but there's a viognier, pinot grigio, a cab franc and a cab sauvignon, among others, as well as the native muscardine, which was used in scuppernong, a wine with a long history in the southeastern US. Before last fall, in fact, scuppernong was pretty much the only wine from North Carolina that I had heard of.

My recollection was that the RayLen Cab was quite nice, and it's a reasonable $20, although I was not paying a ton of attention, since I was looking forward to some wines I brought with me (and I wasn't in a mood to be upstaged!).  Next time, I'll try more of the wines and assess them more closely.

If anyone has had these wines, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.


Reply by pplants, Jun 9, 2012.

I've had a NC cab or blend that was pretty decent a few years ago.  Ithink there is potential there. the NC sweet wines.....well, welches grape juice will fit the bill at a cheaper rate.

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