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Posted by 1 jayjay, Jun 28, 2012.

I'm off to Normandy soon for a few days and hope to share a glass or two with my brother as you do

we hope to get across to champagne to stock up and to get down to Nantes or further up the valley to get a case or two of the local brews as my every day wine are getting a bit low .

got any ideas for something a bit special so i can treat myself ?


Reply by duncan 906, Jun 28, 2012.

I have been to Normandy several times but it is not a major wine-producing region.Normandy is cider and calvados country so I hope you have a chance to enjoy them instead.If your  stocks of everyday drinking wine are running low then go to a supermarket on the way back to England

Reply by 1 jayjay, Jun 29, 2012.

thanks duncan you are right about Normandy its a fruit area but its only a base to work out from

,we are also going down to the mouth of the Loire ( Nantes ) but we hope to get further up the valley to tryout the local brews we will stock up from the supermarket but its nice to taste local wines in the vineyards that produce them and most of them do not reach the large shops .

just wonderd if any one had found a wine a little bit out of the norm from the area so i can treat myself ??


Reply by zufrieden, Jun 29, 2012.

Use the opportunity to stock up on Loire wines.  This is apple country, and your opportunity will be restricted to buying French product in a French setting.

Reply by duncan 906, Jul 1, 2012.

The Loire valley is a major wine producing region.It is better known for its whites ie.Muscadet,Sancerre,Vouvray and Poilly Fume etc although there are also some interesting quality reds such as Chinon and Saumur Champigny.As you drive around the countryside you may well pass some of the producers some of which will have a sign outside' Vin vente degustation' meaning wine for sale and tasting.It is worth while stopping, tasting and buying.Some of the villages and towns will have a wine shop that is there to advertise and sell the wines of the area and these often encourage tasting

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