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Newbie Wine Lover from Manila

Original post by jsncruz, Feb 16, 2012.

Hi everyone,

I've been a member of Snooth for a while now, but I've just been shy to introduce myself and such. My first exposure to wine was almost 14 years ago, when my mother let me have a sip of her then-favorite Shiraz (Wyndham Estates Bin 555) - one reason why Syrah and Shiraz varieties are very dear to me.

I started properly acquiring wine for both weekly consumption and storage almost a year ago, when I had some financial capabilities to do so :) Wines are rather expensive here in the Philippines, so I limit myself to 1-2 bottles above $20 and 4-5 bottles under $12 monthly. Being a pretty warm country, I cleared out the whole cabinet under my kitchen sink, and refurbished it as a 'mini-cellar' - dark, cold, and slightly damp. So far, I've had 30-odd individual bottles, mostly Australian Shiraz and Chilean Cabernet-Sauvignons, and 17 bottles consumed as of last night :) I keep a small notebook where I try to note whatever I see, smell, and taste. My tasting notes are usually just a sentence or two long, but I try to write down what exactly I observe.

I don't know many other Filipino wine drinkers - the 'serious' ones can afford those $50 bottles easily, and are admittedly quite snooty - so I hope to make some friends here and learn so much more, especially since I know next to nothing, really.

My favorites are currently Lindeman's Bin 50 Shiraz (2008) and Taylor's Promised Land Shiraz (2009). Opened them for Christmas 2011 :)

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Reply by jsncruz, Feb 24, 2012.


Hehe Malaysian food is great, but I am guilty of not having tried any with wine. Rieslings are good! I saw some Aussie Rieslings last night in a wine store here in Manila, and I'll definitely put that on my to-purchase list.


Hi mate, thanks for the heads up. I had a talk with my parents earlier (who are addicted to Zinfandels) and we just decided that I'll get the wines here (a little more expensive, but more convenient) so that when they visit, we have wines to drink :)

Need opinions please! :)

I purchased four bottles last night. d'Arenberg The Stump Jump GSM '10, d'Arenberg The Stump Jump Riesling-Marsanne-Sauvignon Blanc '09, Benchmark Shiraz '10, and Veramonte cab '09. Anybody here who have tasted these wines before? :) Which one to open first? :D

Reply by shsim, Feb 24, 2012.

Hey Jason, we dont usually have wine with Malaysian food. I mean when you go to restaurants, they dont typically serve wines unless you are at a western style restaurant. Even so, they have limited selections. We only have wine at home for home meals and usually as a celebration.

If you dont mind me asking, where are your parents?

From what I know, 2010 was a better year for Australia in general but I might be wrong. D'Arenberg is wonderful! I have never had the Stump jump before though... im guessing the Riesling one should drink fine now. Gsm can stay awhile. I dont know about Benchmark other than its on the Southeast Australia. Veramonte Chilean can stay in your cellar i guess. Nothing has been said about 2009 vintage for Chile... If there is, i haven found it!

what did you open in the end?

Reply by jsncruz, Mar 6, 2012.

In the end, I opened a Beringer '09 cab haha.

I will definitely open the white blend in a couple of months (summer months are coming; a few days ago Manila recorded a 36-degree C reading!) and slowly get on the other bottles.

My parents are in Florida, but during some months, they go back to my dad's town in Maine.

I have read in this forum that sharing wine tasting notes is a great way to give back to fellow wine lovers. I cannot seem to find a lot of the wines I get here in Snooth, so I blogged about them in my personal blog. Check out some of my notes at

Reply by shsim, Mar 6, 2012.

How was the cab? I always wondered about wines from Beringer but have not tried any... And d'renberg too! how many bottles do you have now?

oh nice! They have good ice wines in maine if you are interested! And they probably can get a wider selection than you have.

Haha yea, its fun when you know you have the same palate as someone and can share what you enjoy... haha I have never blogged and thought snooth is perfect but recently, i have thought more about blogging because I can get more personal with it!

Reply by jsncruz, Mar 7, 2012.

It was alright, a tad bit on the sweet side. I'll upload tasting notes when I have the time hehe.


You should definitely start something where you can share notes with people. I found that for me to write more tasting notes, I need to drink more, which means my wine experience is further enriched! I've been getting Spanish wines lately, and I think I understand a little what people talk about when they mention 'terroir' :)

Reply by shsim, Mar 7, 2012.

Oh shucks.. I do not like it when wines are sweet when you know they are not supposed to... Recently I tasted a syrah and cab mix that had this artificial sweetness. Not good.

Oh yea, I am going to blog all the notes I have so far, add pictures and more details so its more fun! :D Oh I agree! when you write about them, it makes you think about what you are tasting too. I really enjoy that, and it makes you explore different wines. And yes, terroir is great word. I am sure when you tastes horizontals from different places, it will be pretty enlightening. I need to organise one.

Reply by kangaY, Apr 7, 2012.

Hi, Jason. I am planning to order online red wine as a birthday present to a friend (first time to order online in Manila).  Which online shop is best to order for a reasonable value? Many thanks. Eula


Reply by jsncruz, Apr 8, 2012.

Hi Eula,

I have never bought online here in Manila, but if I was you, I highly recommend physically going to some stores which I know sell good wine (by this, I mean they store them well and they do know their stuff).

Try Wine Depot (Yakal Street, Makati), Barcino (all around Manila, but there's one in Greenbelt 2, one in Rockwell Makati, and one in Alabang Town Center), or CAV (Bonifacio High Street).

I don't mind giving you my personal contact number if you need more information.

Reply by kangaY, Apr 8, 2012.

Hi, Jason. Thanks for your quick response. I can't physically visit the stores as I live in Queensland, Australia. Anyway, I found CAV and Barcino online. I think their price might be different from physically checking the store. I visited PI a few years ago and was able to purchase wine at Robinsons, Ortigas Centre at $10 a bottle (Aussie wine) almost the same price as here.

If you can get Peter Lehman's "Clancy's" cabernet sav, my hubby said, it's very nice. Also, have you tried Merlot? Merlot is milder than cabernet Sav. Also, i am trying Spain's Rioja (Tempranillo). Tempranillo is very mild tasting.  Also, he has tasted The Stump Jump, GSM you have, and he says, very lovely tasting. Cheers,

Reply by Trixie Gancayco, May 8, 2012.

Hello Jason!

I am happy to read such wonderful feedback from the Snooth community and to find a fellow Filipino! Living in Spain provides me with access to some of the best reds I have ever tried, the country does produce well balanced Tempranillos and spectacular cavas.  If you are interested to try something new even the Landmark has a pretty wide range of choices for Spanish wine.  Some regions to look into are Rioja and Priorat.


Reply by Craig Bilodeau, May 8, 2012.

Hi JSN - Where are your parents in Maine?  I grew up there (Auburn/Lewiston area until college and then Old Orchard Beach/Portland area during my college summers).  Beautiful area, but not much in the way of technology jobs that can support a newly minted Electrical Engineer back in '88.

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