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Newbie from Calgary, Alberta

Posted by caseygirl, Feb 21, 2011.

Been reading for sometime, decided to give it a try - a little intimidated..however, everyone starts somewhere, right.

Enjoying this evening Casa Silva Los Lingues Carmenere - 2006

Lovely, except for the shattered dry cork , which I insisted I keep at, better half thinks I should have just push it back into bottle... ended up straining through cheesecloth to decant...

What is the best way to deal with shattered/dry corks?

Calgary is VERY dry...


Reply by Brad Borneaux, Mar 1, 2011.

I'm in Calgary as well.  Haven't had to deal with many dry/shattered corks though. Our cold air can't hold much humidity, so I'm surprised I haven't come across more!  If you encounter it again, just make sure that cheesecloth is clean! :) 

There's two big wine tastings coming up in Calgary over the next couple weeks FYI...

1.) "Chef Meets Grape" put on by BC Wine Institute @ Hotel Arts tomorrow (Wednesday March 2).  There's 2-for-1 ticket offer here ($60 for two tickets versus $120):  28 BC VQA Wineries & 9 local Restaurants providing food!

2.) California Wine Fair also @ Hotel Arts next Wednesday March 9, also $60/ticket.  90+ Wineries and great food by Hotel Arts chef.  Prices might seem high, though there are no sample tickets for food or wine ... the food & wine are phenomenal and plentiful (maybe eat a very light dinner before or go for appies somehere beforehand)! 

Enjoy & Welcome!

Reply by dmcker, Mar 1, 2011.

Best way is to keep the wine on its side so the cork doesn't dry out! Try to cull the bad-cork bottles pre-purchase by looking at the state of the cork and capsule when in the store. Bottles you think have been standing in the store for some time are always suspect, not just for cork-condition issues, but also for what happens when too much air gets in past the cork.

Otherwise be careful when you insert the corkscrew, that you insert deeply enough and pull the cork out slowly and gently enough. I tend to use only a sommelier's friend levered screw, but some people swear by the Ah-So when the cork is dodgy....

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Mar 2, 2011.

Casey, Welcome

As dmcker says laid down the cork should be OK [I will resist my Stelvin crusade]

If you need any advice guidance on Aussie Wines always happy to help

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