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New Type of Closure

Posted by EMark, Jun 18, 2013.

At least it's new to me.  Two companies, Amorim and O-I have launched a "Helix Cork," following a four year collaboration.

From the pic in at the linked article it looks like one of those amalgamated corks or technical corks into which helical grooves are cut into the sides.  The grooves mate into ridges (my term, may not be good) on the inner side of the bottle throat.  A knob is afixed to the top.  So,  it appears that the "cork" is removed by twisting the knob.  The article says that this solution is targeted for the "popular premium, fast turnaround still wine segment."

The "popular premium, fast turnaround still wine segment" sounds like something that fits my budget.  If I see one, I'll probably pick it up just out of curiosity.


Reply by outthere, Jun 18, 2013.

Yeah, saw that the other day. It's going to require a capsule to prevent tampering. I'm non-committal on this one.

Reply by EMark, Jun 18, 2013.

It's going to require a capsule to prevent tampering.

I hadn't thought of that, OT, but you are certainly right.


Reply by napagirl68, Jun 19, 2013.

I don't like it...   they describe the material as "cork",  which would in theory open up the possibility of cork taint (my most hated wine issue ever).  IMO, cork taint is the most compelling reason to get rid of cork as a material (although in theory, it CAN happen without a cork, but in practice, never does.)   Helix cork just gets rid of the corkscrew without getting rid of the source of fungus (if indeed it is true cork material).  Sounds like a closure for lazy people who don't mind cork taint.   Capsule will prolly look like a champagne capsule..

Effort needs to go into either cork-free closures or technology to abolish cork taint.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jun 20, 2013.

Sounds to me like a bad solution.  As you twist out this helical cork, what's to stop bits of cork from being abraded off and into the wine?  Also, the first time you get one of these, you might try to pull it out straight and rip off bits of cork. 

A plain ol' capsule would work, but isn't that just one more thing we ought to be getting rid of? 

BTW, some Stelvins now have no visible threads, only on the bottle.  The closure's threads are hidden.  Still, I just wish we could get over the whole thing, although carrying my pulltaps around in my pocket is like a kid and his Swiss Army knife. 

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