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New iPhone

Posted by oceank8, Jul 15, 2008.

In reading the other post about an iPhone app for Snooth, I decided to ask all of you. Does anyone have the new iPhone yet? I have the ipod touch and really want the iPhone. I use Verizon so I would have to pay to get out of my contract and switch carriers. Wondering what you all think about the iPhone and AT&T service/plans. Any thoughts would be great before I make that big of a commitment!


Reply by Philip James, Jul 15, 2008.

I have the old iphone, but with the new software so i can download the 3rd party applications etc. I used to use Tmobile.

Basically, and i know everyone is already saying this, but i think the new iphone is revolutionary. Its so cheap for what you get (pc, ipod, phone, GPS navigation etc), its beautiful, and there will be a lot of exciting software developed for it over the coming months.

I held out for a long time, but now i'm a total apple convert!

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Jul 28, 2008.

I still don't have one and manage to keep myself from becoming too envious but I definitely think they've done a great job. The App store opens up some pretty amazing possibilities.

The only think I don't know about is the touch typing. I know that supposedly you get good at it, but on my Blackberry I can type with both thumbs pretty quickly. Depends on whether you expect to be texting a lot, I guess. I text a lot.

Reply by Philip James, Jul 28, 2008.

Its not as fast as a sidekick or anything like that. I think the blackberry is faster too - you can feel the keys, you have to be faster at it

Reply by oceank8, Jul 28, 2008.

Okay- I stood in line for 3 hours on Sunday, but I finally got the new iPhone! I already love it, went on Snooth last night while out to dinner (until someone told me that was rude :) Typing is definitely something to get used to and may never be as fast as other phones, but so many extras that it is worth it for me.

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