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New Cellar

Posted by 1 jayjay, Jul 17, 2011.

in very early stages yet but has i have very little room to store my wine i am thinking of constucting my own cellar. It will be a glorified walk in cupboard but i think i could get between 700and 800 bottles in the space i am thinking of . it will be in a part of a ground floor workshop that is used more for storage can anyone suggest anything that would need to be incorporated into my plans

i live in the midlands of the UK so i dont think i will need a chiller as the room will have a tiled floor and will have insulation against the summer heat ,can anyone think of anything, your help is very much need as the wife is getting already fed up with boxes of wine around the house


Reply by GregT, Jul 17, 2011.

JJ check your temps in the summer time.  Even if you're in the UK, I think you have more dampness than cold mid summer! If you have one of those old time houses with stone walls, they can be surprisingly cool in the summer so maybe you're good to go.

Also, check temps in the winter - see what kind of swings you'll have summer/winter.  It's OK for wine to be pretty cold, but if you get into the 60s F in the summer, maybe you don't want that 30 degree F swing?

Another thing to remember is that even if the outer wall is insulated and keeps the interior cool, if you have another interior wall and door, you'll want to think about insulating those if the rest of the space is going to be a different temp from the storage space.  Doors lose a lot of heat if you don't have good insulation and sealing. 

If you can get away with passive cooling, you're lucky.  I wish I could.  Would save loads on my electric bill.

Reply by 1 jayjay, Jul 18, 2011.

Thanks Greg

i think the cellar will end up smaller than i wanted as she that must be obeyed says it will be to big so i'm going for about 300 to 400 bottles

but i'm not saying anything to her untill i start to build its a brick built house but the storeroom has a concreat floor that will have floor tiles the room next to it is built from blockwork and it stays cool all summer so that is my wine store at the moment but i take your comments with thanks and will check on the temps


Reply by dmcker, Jul 18, 2011.

*Always* build (or buy) a cellar that's considerably larger than you currently think you might need. Somehow the wine bottles to be stored there seem to multiply exponentially. It's a force of nature...

Reply by GregT, Jul 18, 2011.

Most assuredly.  You'll want to increase your expected size exponentially.  Just seems to work out that way!

Anyhow, I have cousins in the Midlands, or used to - I think they've moved.  And mid summers were pretty warm.  Still, even so, you don't need to cool year round so you're still better off than most of us.

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Jul 19, 2011.

You just need to keep ferrets [>18yo children + wives looking for storage and using something good for inappropriate purposes eg cooking, supplying unappreciating guests, etc] out of the burrow and off course you need a very good quaffing default red and white whilst you build the numbers in the early days

Reply by 1 jayjay, Jul 19, 2011.

Thanks for the repies

I normally keep about 40 to 50 bottles in the house so i think 300 bottles will be about right plus 100 for luck and i will be happy

The summer can get a bit warm but i think the insulation and tiled floor will take the edge off this, it may be to cold in the winter ?

As for the ferret she has her own glugging wine that she can get at without going to close to mine and after your comment a good lock is needed (that is now on the list )

Thank JJ


Reply by dmcker, Jul 19, 2011.

Yeah, I've lost a few bottles of Lafite and Latour when someone came over to visit while I was away on a trip...

Reply by 1 jayjay, Jul 19, 2011.


Oh yes and its always the good stuff , its easy to loose them ,the hard part is keeping hold of them

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