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My search for what the hell this empty bottle tasted like.

Posted by gr, Apr 27, 2007.

I've got a bottle here. It's a 2001 Rubicondo, from the Toscana indicazione geografica, from the Castello di Tavolese. I actually don't remember what I thought of it, but it's sitting here on the coffee table, so what the hell.

"2001 rubicondo" gets

No, this is Italian, not Argentinian. It's sure no Malbec... and the second hit is ALSO a Malbec. Oh, hey, wait, all of the hits here came from "2001", and that must have been a good year for Malbecs.

Okay... "2001 toscana" at least gets me to Tuscany, but there is a fundamental difference between wineries who say "Tuscan"(!DRINK ME!) on their label and those who mention "Toscana" in print almost as small as the Indicanzione blah portion.

And then... "Your search - "rubicondo" - did not match any wines."

Okay... "castello di tavolese" gets me no shortage of wines I'd probably like... because every mofo in Toscana and Chianti names their winery Castello di Pizzle.

Maybe this is just a depth-of-content issue?


Reply by Philip James, May 2, 2007.

gabe - these searches perform better now (toscana 2001 etc) but we actually dont have any "rubicondo" wines, which limits the utility of that query...

Reply by gr, May 2, 2007.

Okay, so when I get it again some time, I'll add it. ;^>

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