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My Ratings and Search

Posted by kevchan, Apr 14, 2007.

My Ratings:
Would be nice to see my comments in My Ratings for various wines

Opus 99 doesnt return results, but Opus 1999 does. Either need to tell ppl to use full year or to have search know 99 means 1999 etc

Why does Krug 1990 not yield Krug Champagne 1990 as no.1? instead it yields Charles Krug Winery Peter Mondavi Family Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage Selection (1997)?

When it says "showing 1-10 of hundreds for Krug" no link to scroll to next page of result

Still getting sporadic search hanging - maybe its just taking its time. Might be worth having a counter showing "searching x many wines, found y" etc... so show it is working (Opodo style).

"Spicy Red French bordeaux" and "Spicy Bordeaux" - the top result is not tagged with spicy? (Chateaux Pavie)

Again "Spicy Chile Cabernet" - top result not tagged with Spicy, Does the engine prioritise the order of search words?

Desert should also yield Dessert search results for illiterates like me.

A few more 17/04/07:

* A search with "de" ie "Fort de Latour" or "Pagoda de Cos" will find Germany "DE" as a search synonym and therefore does not return the relevant wine searched for

* A search with "Rouge" ie "Pavillion Rouge" will find "red" as a search synonym and therefore does not return the wine searched for (note that Blanc does not have the same issue ie. "Cheval Blanc" returns the correct wine


Reply by Philip James, Apr 18, 2007.

OK, all of these, as well as the stuff that people have been emailing me is all getting prioritized and added to the list.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed. We'll be busy until the beta release implementing it all


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