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My first wine trail in Chianti,Tuscany region

Posted by Anando Sangbad, Apr 4, 2012.

Started with Sensi,the one placed at an hour's train journey and then an hour's drive away from Ferenze(Florence),followed by Guicciardini,Castello do Maleto.Castello di Volpaia,Caparzo,Altesino and finally the single woman army,Anna Lisa Tempestini ,the one whose wines have reached White House,all within an exhaustive and revealing hands on 10days' tour of  Chianti area.

Commonality of the producers in that world renowned wine producing area,histrorically rich, was its absolute serenity,verdant nature at its best and lofty scenes all around.Plenty of hills and daales,plateau and valleys.Much of my geography knowledge had a chance to brush with realities.Many were the moments when a city dweller all my life,got lost in the hugeness of nature's beauty within the unending realm of fresh air and endless plantations of olive and wine quality grapes.

The unique quality of all producers was there strict and disciplened adherence to quality and passionate attachment to innovations,trials and experiments to further improve and elevate their individual standards and reputation worldwide.Apart from the pride,rightly earned and the fellowship the members share for their common symbol Chianti members use,that of the black roost,Chianti producers exhibit absolute simplicity and feet-on-the-ground quality in their manners,behaviour and guest entertainment.Hospitality and care for visitors,press members are exemplary and seems to be well engrained in their total system.

From the choice and appropriate treatment of the base soil to plantation in proper method and measurement,Chianti producers keep viniculture close to their chest.Attention and care is meticulous,methodical and catholic.Nothing less than what they do for their own offsprings.

Their wines travel all around the globe,specially in Europe,US and Japan.Bulk Asian markets,China and India are comparatively new but for obvious reason they have a serious eye on the market.

My tour ended with 2 days' stint at Vinitaly in Verona,one if not the, world's largest wine shows.

Supported by PR and communication personnel like Patricia Catrini aided by hospitalities received from one and all named above the tour was nothing less than a meaningful walk thru the vast ocean of wine world of Italy in general,Tuscany in particular.


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