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moving form whites to red

Posted by snowht75, Jun 15, 2008.

my husband only likes whites. I LOVE reds. What are the best reds to transition him with?


Reply by oceank8, Jun 15, 2008.

I would say start with drier Roses and then maybe some very fruit forward Syrahs (more common in California wines). Take him to some tastings or places that do flights of wine so he can have a small taste of many different ones to see if there is anything he enjoys.

Reply by Philip James, Jun 16, 2008.

Hi there! Its almost like this question someone asked recently:

The only thing i would add to Oceans comments would be if you try a gamay / beaujolais wine then you can chill it a bit, so if he's used to his wine being cold thats a half way point. Same with Rose's of course...

Reply by John Andrews, Jun 16, 2008.

@snowht75 ... what white wines does he like? There are wide range.

If he likes things like Sauvignon Blanc or crisp white wines, I'd go with Oceank8's recommendation, a dry crisp rose.

If he likes Chardonnays I'd go with Philip and try a chilled beujolais or even a very light pinot noir.

Reply by Stephen, Jun 16, 2008.

First, I would point out that you don't have to transition him, with a halfway decent vacuum pump the two of you can enjoy your individual wines over time. That said, I realize it's not terribly practical, and it's nice to enjoy the same wine with someone, talk about it, etc.

As far as wines go, I agree with all of the earlier suggestions. If you want to take it step-by-step you could start with light, dry rose, then move to heartier, more food-friendly roses, then to your Beaujolais and light Pinots, etc. etc. Pairing the reds with food may also be helpful. While some reds can be enjoyed as aperitifs, I've found that it is easier to "adjust" to the changes and to recognize the benefits of a good red when it is well-accompanied.

Also, I would add that a nice basic Rioja or Garnacha from Spain are good choices, or a Valpolicella from Italy.

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