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Mind The Price Gap

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Jan 15, 2008.

Tom Wark over at Fermentation wrote a good post yesterday about a study that shows test subjects preferring wine from a more expensive bottle regardless of the quality. His point is well taken... no one finds this surprising. We're conditioned to think of expensive wine as de facto good .

Of course it's more complicated than that and incorporates the entire experience of wine. Last night I quipped to an acquaintance of mine that even a good bottle taken whilst someone repeatedly kicks you in the shins is likely going to end up tasting mediocre. Of course, pair the same bottle with a romantic dinner, your favorite person and good music and the result is likely to be different. Again, no surprises.

One of the powers of the community we're building is the exposure of those bottles which combine cheap and good. You may have already been able to use Snooth to find great italian wines for under 20 dollars . Or maybe you've used our QPR sorting feature to chase down a bordeaux that won't break the bank . I hope you have, but there's one more question. What prevents the predisposition of "pricey == good" from tarnishing the community's opinions at large?

The answer comes in bulk. With so many ratings in one place we can hope to reason with those unfortunate souls who are consistently duped into following a price tag to the pour house (ha). And if you do spend a few extra bucks (and I sometimes do, believe me) and you don't think the wine is very good, listen to yourself. You're probably right, and you can do someone else a favor by warning them off a potentially poor purchase.

As for me, tonight I'm going to drink some well priced wine. Tomorrow I'll spend the difference.


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