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Massican - Dan Petroski's new Winery

Posted by Philip James, Feb 22, 2010.

A very dear friend of Snooth, Daniel Petroski, Assistant Winemaker at Larkmead, former Snooth blog contributor and regular on the site (friend him at:, has launched his own wine.

With his permission, here's the announcement that he mailed out recently.

I thought it might be of interest here.



Dear Friends,

I am writing to announce two important milestones for Massican Winery
- on Friday, March 5 we will be bottling our first vintage of wine available for purchase in April. And in one month's time we will be celebrating with a "pre-release tasting" at City Winery in Manhattan on Thursday, March 18.*

Given our limited production, we can only distribute our wines to a handful of retail locations across the country. That said, if you would like to purchase our wines, we will be happy to offer you the opportunity to do so directly from us.

Visit our website ( or click or copy the link below into your web browser and provide us with your name, address and e-mail to join our mailing list and secure the opportunity to enjoy our wines.

That's it. When the wines are ready to go later this Spring, we'll let you know.

Thanks for your support,

* SAVE THE DATE - Thursday, March 18. Tasting of the three Massican white wines at City Winery on Varick in lower Manhattan. Details to follow.

Daniel Petroski
Massican Winery
p. 707-843-0268


Reply by amour, Feb 22, 2010.


Reply by Daniel Petroski, Feb 22, 2010.

Thanks, Philip and the team at Snooth. I announced this wine project on Snooth back in June/July of last year, which seems like yesterday as I am about to bottle three distinct wines in two weeks time. My influence for the wines come from my love of Italian grape varieties and I had the good fortune to source some wonderful, 63-year old vine Tocai Friulano and, quite rare, Ribolla Gialla that has been planted in California. These wines will be the backbone of my initial blend, Annia (Tocai, Ribolla and Chardonnay) and the Ribolla is also blended with some Viognier and Chardonnay in a second wine called Gemina. A 100% Sauvignon Blanc rounds out the trio. Our website is in the works, so if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line or post them here on the boards. And if any snooth'ers are in NYC on March 18, I'll be presenting the wines, as mentioned above, at City Winery. Would be great to meet some of you and taste the wines then.

Reply by dmcker, Feb 22, 2010.

Any tastings in the Bay Area? Good luck with this, Dan, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the wines, and, of course, to tasting them at some point!

Reply by Adam Levin, Feb 22, 2010.

Congrats, Dan. Can't wait to try the wines.

Reply by Daniel Petroski, Feb 22, 2010.

@ Dmcker - yes, I am planning a tasting in SF in April. Details on that as we get deeper into March. @ Adam, thanks, and as above, definitely looking forward to you trying the wines in April as well....

Reply by jpsafety, Apr 3, 2012.


Congratulations from your favorite safety guy...

Jim Persons

Reply by shsim, Apr 3, 2012.

Great website! Congratulations Dan!

I am glad to see different varieties being planted. Why did you choose those two varietals in particular?

Reply by JonDerry, Apr 5, 2012.

Awesome to see this post revived, as I'm a Larkmead fan and wasn't around to see this originally.

Incidentally, I'm also a big fan of Tocai, and these wine blends are very different than what's going on in Napa, and by reading the public tasting notes, also a success. Will fill out the mailing list and see if I can try one, though perhaps not as exciting with the new vintage being 2011.

Reply by JonDerry, Apr 6, 2012.

Well, after signing up for the mailing list, I've been in touch with Dan. So cool to correspond with the winemaker, and also one who has such a big impact on the Larkmead wines I've thoroughly enjoyed over the past few years...

Reply by dmcker, Apr 6, 2012.

Yeah, he was a frequent participant in the forums back then.

Too bad that he, and some of the other winemakers who've showed up here on occasion, couldn't stay around a bit longer. What does Snooth have to do to make it more attractive for them?

Reply by Daniel Petroski, Apr 6, 2012.

Wow.  Incredible to see this post re-surface; especially on the eve of Massican's third vintage release.  @shsim - I chose to work with Tocai and Ribolla for a couple of reasons; first and foremost I was yearning for Mediterranean white wines similar to the ones I was drinking while living in Sicily in 2005 & 2006; second I was not only suprised but also shocked to find old and rare varieties such as Tocai (planted in 1947) and Ribolla Gialla (planted in only one vineyard in America at the time I started working with it in 2009).  The combination of those two factors was an exciting opportunity.  And it has been pretty amazing that a number of people have supported and experienced this journey with me as I have been able to increase my production a little each year.  Hopefully we can continue that trend.  Thanks again for your support and have a good weekend....  Dan

Reply by Daniel Petroski, Apr 6, 2012.

@dmcker - sorry, it's not you, it's me!  Massican is a second job for me (as I still hold down my day job working at Larkmead) and during that period of launching a business, I happened to meet a woman, fall in love and get married (she laughs when I say marriage is a third job!).  So, please forgive my abscence as my social (personal and media) life has dwindle these days!

Reply by dmcker, Apr 6, 2012.

Congratulations, Dan, on several fronts: your *first* job of your marriage (  ;-)  ), things going assumedly well at Larkmead, and how your Massican venture has been growing! 

My comment above wasn't just directed at you, though you were perhaps one of the two or three most active, but at two others in NorCal, three or four in France, and a couple in Italy who showed up actively for awhile and then just faded away over the past couple of years. They added quite a bit to the quality of discussion and info here, so I was sorry to see them leave, and wondered if Snooth couldn't do something more or better to foster a friendlier environment to their ongoing participation. 

Anyway, hope you are able to say hi again from time to time, and things continue to go well in all three of those directions!

Reply by Eric Guido, Apr 15, 2012.

I'm really looking forward to the 3rd vintage release of Massican.  These are very interesting wines that are truly unique from the typical white wines coming out of California.  They are not quite Californian and also not Italian, but find a highly attractive level ground inbetween.  It's a mailing I look forward to every year.

Reply by JonDerry, Apr 16, 2012.

Dan, can only assume that all three are great accomplishments. Congrats on what you've got going.

Definitely appreciate the concept and uniqueness of the Massican wines for CA, and it also doesn't hurt that I don't feel like such a guinea pig with E.G.'s seal of approval. 

Reply by Eric Guido, Apr 16, 2012.


If you'd like to read my thoughts on the last vintage, here's a link to a piece I wrote on them:

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