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Snooth User: Mary John Baumann, DWS

Mary John Baumann, DWS

Posted by Mary John Baumann, DWS, May 26, 2012.

Dear Snooth subscribers.

Its a pleasure to introduce myself as a Snooth Mentor and a resource for enhancing your knowledge and exploration in the world of fine wines.

As a passionate speaker and sensory specialist, I will be delighted to share my experiences via Snooth on my adventures in the world of fine wines, with particular focus on sparkling wine, the classic vineyards of France and the outstanding wines of South Africa that we rarely get to experience on these shores.

I was awarded the WSET Diploma in 2009, and continue to expand my knowledge as a candidate for the Master of Wine title. In essence the study of wine and sharing my discoveries with people like you who are thirsty for knowledge and new experiences is what I am all about.

My business, Nose in the Glass, seeks to demystify the world of wine using sensory evaluation and appreciation of wine in a unique way. Visit for details.

Look for posts in the near future and I welcome your comments.


Mary John Baumann, DWS




Reply by Calamus, Jul 25, 2012.

Hi Mary,

A sensory specialist? That is really interesting sounding.  I look forward to reading more about that as I find my way in this fun network. Sparkling wine is just becoming an interest for me. I really like the Cremants. 


Reply by JonDerry, Jul 26, 2012.

Sounds good Mary, look forward to hearing more from your experiences with off the beaten path French and SA wines.

& Calamus - I agree, I wouldn't mind being a sensory specialist myself!

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