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Martha Stewart branded wine

Posted by Philip James, Sep 18, 2007.

I've seen Martha Stewart's name on a host of things so far - towels, linen, kitchen ware, pans etc. She's now turning to wine and EJ Gallo has stepped up to the plate and will offer the ' Martha Stewart Vintage ' collection of 3 different wines for about$15 each.The initial launch will be of 15,000 cases of the three classic French varietals: chardonnay, cabernet and merlot.

A lot of random celebs get in on the wine industry , some are more proactive than others. Compare Marlyn Monroe's wine to Francis Ford Coppola for alternate ends of the engagement scale.

My question is this: whats the value in celebrity endorsement? At least a celebrity winemaker might be seen stirring the lees or at least tasting from the barrel periodically. Or is even that a fantasy today. Anyone care to opine on how involved Michel Rolland gets on his consulting gigs?


Reply by razmaspaz, Sep 18, 2007.

This is a good one. Being in Chicago, I've been watching the release of "Kick Ass Red", by Ditka. A smashmouth football player just seems like a poor match for a premium red wine. A Martha branded wine seems like the Anti-Coach. I'm sure she doesn't get into new ventures lightly these days. My guess is that this will do well.

Reply by andrew, Sep 19, 2007.

In Boston, we have several members of the RedSox appearing on wines to raise money for charity. (with names such as Manny being Merlot and Schilling Chardonnay). Hey, at least it's for a good cause. It actually got me to look at all 3 bottles (but did not ultimately purchase any) I think Martha Stewart will do quite well selling wine, since people look to her for advice for entertaining guests.

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