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Marquis de la Tour Loire Valley Brut Rose NV

Posted by Philip James, Jun 16, 2008.
Details for Marquis de la Tour Loire Valley Brut Rose NV

This gets my vote for cheap sparkler for the summer. I'm pretty blown away by it actually. $10 for a non-vintage Loire Rose sparkler - a touch of residual sugar keeps it from being Brut-al. Its clearly cheap,m no fine mousse of bubbles here, but dammit it was good. I gave it a 4.0, which i dont think ive ever done for a wine in that price range.

The only people who should steer clear of it are those who like their fizzy wines highly acidic or yeasty. Otherwise check it out.

So, it comes with my highest seal of approval.


Reply by Sung, Jun 16, 2008.

I can vouch for this one. So awesome and I couldn't believe how cheap it is. I have a lot of fruit allergies and in the past, certain Roses would make my sniffly, so I'd let myself indulge in maybe one glass. But this one, I would have drank the whole bottle. So nice on a hot summer night too. :-)

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