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"Making the List"

Posted by JonDerry, Feb 13, 2013.

Well, it's a momentous time for a couple of us snoothers. Hope OT doesn't mind me sharing that he made the Saxum list last week, while today I got my first offer to buy Shafer Hillside Select. Since I bought, I'm now on the list...think it was about a three year wait for each of us. So much for not buying wine until summer!


Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 13, 2013.

Okay, I put in for Quivet and Myriad is up this Friday.  Wish me luck. 

Meanwhile, on the less exclusive end, be careful what you wish for:  I'm into my third year on the Roar list and it was winter allocation time.  (Just one bottle of viognier per person, please!) So I plunked down another couple c-notes (and a little change) yesterday, even as the cellar gets a lot messier than when I posted pix a while back.  I mean, I love Roar Pinot, but I'm a little commitment phobic. 

Oh, and I have six bottles from Mauritson I have to pick up this weekend.  (Sounds like a good time to update the Presidents' Day Ramble in RRV and DCV thread.)

So who owns whom here?

Reply by outthere, Feb 13, 2013.

It's out of control this spring. Besides Quivet, Myriad, Holdredge, Rivers Marie, Carlisle and Saxum I still have to make decisions on Williams Selyem, Turley, Arnot-Roberts, Ceritas, Wind Gap, Roar, Big Basin, Shane etc, etc, etc...

I think I know what the decision will be but I hate to pass on these still. It's a freaking sickness!

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 13, 2013.

Luckily Quivet and Myriad are off my radar...Roar I haven't tried but the alcohol content puts me off a little. 

With Ceritas, I figure I can just stick to their Porter Bass and Escarpa when I can afford it, so was able to pass this time. I felt pressure to buy Epoch but that was an easy pass after this morning's Shafer offer. Plus I can grab it at retail, hopefully.

Can you just buy the Williams Selyem Rose OT? I might be up for a couple bottles if it helps out the cause.

Definitely some rough waters ahead, might have to start ignoring the offers pretty soon, but that again seems near possible.

Reply by JonDerry, Feb 14, 2013.

Alright, I get it now...Myriad = Mike Smith.

That 10' Dr. Crane looks awful tempting, though it figures to be pricey.

Reply by amour, Feb 14, 2013.


Reply by outthere, Feb 14, 2013.

I tasted the '10 Crane with Mike a few months ago. It was incredible. The '09 was $95 and was my WOTY last year. The '10 is better.

The WS rose was sold on site on pick-up day last year. Not sure if it is offered in the regular order.


Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 14, 2013.

I'm finding lots of Turley on the secondary market.  I think people thought they would buy and collect Turley, but then they learn that Zin is for drinking and they have overbought.  I'm not feeling the "exclusivity" of it anymore. We'll be drinking two Turleys Sunday night (plus 2009 Gracianna) and I paid way under release price, with the usual meticulous provenance that BP Wines has shown me so far. 

Roar has pretty high alcohol and, if you are like Rajat Parr and want to rule it out on that basis, be my guest.  More for me.  It's a Pinot with flavor, but it's balanced and complex and just plain hedonistic.  Everyone wants those grapes and charges more, like Siduri, and guess what?  They don't make it any better.  (Adam Lee at Siduri was consulting at Roar for a long time and I actually like the Roars better than his.)  Now, the Pisoni bottling (and Pisoni's wines) can get a little overdone, IMO, but the Rosella's is a nimble delight and the Garys' (for both of the Garys) is just silky and rich. 

The Quivet syrahs are in my budget, and we'll just see about the Myriad options.  $90 for a bottle I've yet to taste is a big leap, but so far OT hasn't steered me wrong--but that's been all Syrah so far. 

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