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Looking for recommendations ~

Posted by lcw, Sep 27, 2008.


I'm planning a dinner party with the menu listed below and would like a few recommendations as to what to wines to serve ~ nothing too pricey please!

Appetizer ~
Brandied Chicken Liver Paté on Toasted Baguette

Salad ~
Field Greens with Apple Cider Vinaigrette & Walnuts

Entree ~
Rosemary & Garlic Marinated London Broil

Sides ~
Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Red Onions with Crumbled Gorgonzola
Simple Oven Roasted Potato Galette

Dessert ~
Orange-Spiced Poached Anjou Pears

Thanks in advance for your help ~ I'm looking forward to your suggestions!


Reply by Philip James, Sep 27, 2008.


Sauterne is the classic pairing for fois gras. The pate isnt as strong as pure liver, but a wine with some sweetness will work. Its the first wine however, so i'd suggest tempering it a bit. I would try an off dry German wine - Riesling or something similar. Lower in alcohol, with a bit of residual sugar to pair with the liver, but not so sweet as to confuse the guests on their first sip.

Here's a good example of what i's pair with the first course:

The main course is pretty big all around: beef, onions, sprouts etc - Bordeaux or cab, or any spicy tannic wine to be honest... Personally I'd grab a right bank bordeaux as I like the more supple wines myself.

I'm struggling a bit on the dessert - how sweet is it? The wine should be sweeter than the dessert itself, so it would depend on if there was any sugary sauce...

Reply by lcw, Sep 27, 2008.

Hi Phillip,

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I was thinking about a Bordeaux for the entree, but was unsure on the appetizer - the off dry Riesling sounds really appealing.

Regarding the dessert ~ I haven't made this recipe before and it calls for the pears to be poached in orange juice with a combination of brown sugar, honey and lemon juice added. Truthfully, I was planning to cut back the quantity of sugar and honey, as I don't much care for overly sweet, syrupy sauces. Any ideas in that case?

Thanks again!

Reply by Majikk, Sep 27, 2008.

The off dry Riesling for the appetizer sounds great. Personally I would go with a choice from Washington state or Australia.

For the main course a Bordeaux is likely expected, but I would choose a Petite Syrah or a soft Syrah blend.

For Dessert be careful not to get something too over powering. Because your dessert selection is Orange Spiced Pears I recommend a sweet Muscat. Recently I just tried a Ventana Orange Muscat that would be perfect to compliment the pears.

Reply by Philip James, Sep 27, 2008.

Majikk - is this the Muscat you mean?

Thats the 2005, and the only one we show in stock.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Sep 27, 2008.

Love the Riesling suggestion. That rosemary and garlic combo and the galette talks of the south of France to me. I'ld look for a wine with a bit of gamey funk, a large percentage of Mourvedre would work. Wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon offer great value and are usually Rhone style blends. Wines from Rimbert are some of my favorites, such as but if that's too hard to source maybe a domestic Mourvedre, also know as mataro might be the ticket. Cline has always produced a solid versio: tp://

Majikks Petit Syrah reccomendation is a great one and the is a delicious example.

For the dessert would opt for the unusual but available and inexpensive

It's a traditional dessert wine from Greece produced in a solera, which simply means as wine is drawn from cask new wine is added creating a blend of wines from various vintages. It is a touch oxidized so there is some nuttiness to the wine but it blend notes of citrus and orange from the younger wines and a dried fruit character from the older wines that sounds like it would be a wonderful pairing for your dessert.

Good luck with your dinner!

For the dessert

Reply by Majikk, Sep 27, 2008.

Yes, that 2005 Muscat is exactly what I tasted at the Ventana Tasting room last weekend. My wife and I liked it enough that we bought a bottle and took it home with a berry topped cheesecake.

I highly recommend it chilled and paired with any fruit dessert on a warm day.

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