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looking for information on the following wines ( price would be nice)

Posted by jerryski59, Feb 21, 2013.

chateau malartic lurial brodeux superieur 1989

valpolicella classico superior 1991

grand vin de bordeux 1989 chateu cassagne haut-canon canon fronsac mediaille d’or

hans hoffranzen mosel-saar-ruwer 1990 white

felix solis bodegas los molinos tint gran reserve 1995


Reply by EMark, Feb 21, 2013.

Having time on my hands, I did some quick internet searches.

On your first one, do you mean Chateau Malartic Lauriol?  Prices for their current releases look to be less than $10 (U.S.).  The nomenclature Bordeaux Superieur does have legal meaning, but it is far from Superior Bordeaux.  Basically, there is a minimum aging requirement (less than one year) and a minimum alcohol requirement (10.5).  What we are talking about here is a consumer-oriented wine that is not particularly distiguished. 

Your second one requires a more information.  Valpolicello Classico defines the area where the grapes were grown and by Italian law also defines the types of grapes that could be used.  Superiore indicates that the wine was aged at least one year before bottling and has a minimum alcohol content of 12%.  Here is a Wikipedia entry to look at.  What you don't provide is the maker.  So, it's like saying you have a bottle that says "Bourbon."  I know that it was made in the state of Kentucky in the United States, but that's about all.

Is this your third one:  Château Cassagne Haut-Canon Red Bordeaux Blend Canon-Fronsac La Truffière 1989?  It looks like you can buy it for about $40 (U.S.).  Obviously, you could not sell it for that much.

Hans Hoffranzer is a maker from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region in Germany.  So far I probably haven't told you anything you don't know.  The wine you have is unquestionably made from Riesling grapes.  It can be made dry (less likely) or sweet (quite likely).  The range of sweetness can range from barely detectable to just short of syrupy.  My internet search did get a hit on Hans Hoffranzer 1989 Riesling Eiswein.  That would be a very sweet example.  The fact that you did not mention the word "Eiswein" leads me to suspect that is not what you have.

The Felix Solis los Molinos Gran Reserva is from the Castilla-La Mancha region of Spain from Tempranillo grapes.  In order to have the "Gran Reserva" designation on the label the wine must be aged in oak for a minimum of 2 years and in the bottle for 3 years.   If I'd found these wines, this is the one about which I would be most optimistic.

Withut knowing anything about how these wines have been stored, I would say that the two that had the best chance of drinkablility would be the Riesling or the Gran Reserva.  I mention storage conditions, because that another critical component.  Optimally, wine needs to be stored in a dark place at a cool, constant temperature.  If these bottles have been stored well, you might have hope for the last two.

I really don't think there is significant value in this wines.  So, open them up and try them.  If one or tw of them are good, you'll have some great stories.  If none of them are really good, oh well, use them as a vinegar substitute.  I've used old bad wine to make nice marinades for beef.


Reply by jerryski59, Feb 22, 2013.

I bought these wines when I was in stationed in Germany and would like to thank you for your information. They have always been stored in my cellar . I love my german white wines and french reds . These ones were special as I purchased some of them while wine tasting in europe. I wanted to age them and see how thet tasted after 25 years .Tthey may be vinigar but thats the chance I was willing to take . Once again thank you for the information 

Reply by EMark, Feb 22, 2013.

Good luck, Jerry.  Your cellar storage is probably pretty good.  So, I think there is potential for some good experiences.  Please come back here after your tastings and tell us how they were.

Reply by duncan 906, Feb 22, 2013.

Good Luck.I am always buying old bottles of wine and I am not  often disapointed

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