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Looking for Great winelists and people to review them!

Original post by Gregory Dal Piaz, May 20, 2011.

Ever look at a winelist and say WOW?
Finding great deals, and laughable ones as well?

Well, I am looking for people to review their favorite and most despised wine lists.
Highlighting great wine friendly dishes, or disasters in the making would be welcomed as well!

Let me know if you're interested.

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Reply by Giacomo Pevere, Jan 22, 2012.

I can surely help you GdP if you are interested in Italian restaurant wine list, around here there's some good restaurants with interesting wine lists. I have already visited most of that's but still there's some "must" to visit.

Happy to help you.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jan 23, 2012.

Okay, dmcker, thanks for that.  It's a lot closer to me than NG.  Maybe we'll head over there for our night out this week.  GdP, where do I send the bill for a few bottles of wine? I've got some serious drinkers with me.

For pairing wine with Asian food generally, you can't beat the restaurants of Charles Phan, who won his fame with Slanted Door.  He's ethnically Chinese, and has a restaurant that uses more of his family's traditional recipes called Heaven's Dog--where he has some fantastic Greek whites as well as the Rieslings.  His more casual Out The Door, a scaled down Slanted Door in Pac Heights, is pretty Riesling centric, and has a custom Riesling from barrel that's really good (I think called Zum).  While neither has a huge list like SD, both nail the pairings and I'd consider Heaven's Dog the most successful Chinese Restaurant in my experience.  But now there's a worthy challenger in my sights.

Reply by dmcker, Jan 23, 2012.

Will look forward to hearing about your foray into the far reaches of Berkeley...  ;-)

The food isn't what I'd call Chinese Chinese, but it's very rare to get that even in California, much less elsewhere in the Sates, and that also works better for the wine matching. It is good food, and the ownership is, as I said, enlightened.

Keep hammering Greg on that subsidy!

Reply by wwalker1013, Jan 23, 2012.

Hi Greg,

Interesting topic.  The Brasserie Grille in Newark Delaware is not as vast as others, nor do they have obscure or covetted wines.  They do however take the time to age and present when ready.  You'll see that most of their wines go back to the eary 2000's, while still keeping the prices at reasonable levels!

My other favorite list is on the BYO menu :)

Reply by EMark, Jan 23, 2012.

The winelists from both Great China and Brasserie Grill are very interesting.  I love the fact that the list from Brasserie Grill has wines with some age and the prices are outstanding --all thumbs up.  The list from Great China also has outstanding pricing, although, to me, it rambles a bit.  I do not particularly care for lists that try to be everything to everybody, but, I suppose, that is my personal hang up.  (Probably, also, one more reason why I do not, never have and never will own a restaurant.)

Is Narsai David an investor in Great China?  The list has more examples from Narsai than any other.

Regarding the dessert wines at Great China, are those prices for 750 ml bottles?  I suppose that if you go with a big group, a full bottle of dessert wine would be effective, but very rarely can Peggy and I polish off even a half-bottle of dessert wine.  By the time dessert comes around, we are ordering by the glass.

Reply by dmcker, Jan 23, 2012.

I do like the fact that the brasserie in Delaware has relatively aged whites. That's not as common to see as the aged reds.

Mark, I like the scope of that GC winelist. More of a palette to paint with, as it were. Chinese food covers such a range of ingredients and sauces that, combined with whatever mood you're in, that makes things easier--for me, anyway, even if usually I'm happy with shaosing wine and beer when I'm focusing more on the food. Also, the wines they list are in many places good ones, with originality shown in their choice. I'd be happy if I could only have access to their by-the-glass menu over here in Tokyo. To top things off, the place has an educated, undoubtedly picky clientele that incudes winemakers as well as the general unwashed like the rest of us.

I don't know if Narsai owns a piece of the place, but I believe he does dine there from time to time. He's pretty famous in the Berkeley/East Bay foody community, thanks to a restaurant and later market he used to own. Probably friends with the owner, but his wines are also interesting. Not that there are too many Chinese dishes I'd want to be drinking Napa cab with, though....

And if you don't finish that dessert bottle, you can always take the remainder home! I personally get dissatisfied with the very limited choice of dessert wines by the glass in most places. Thus I usually order from the full bottle list if three or more, and half bottle if only two of us (if the half bottles are interesting--otherwise, back to the full bottles).

Reply by EMark, Jan 23, 2012.

Dm, everything you say makes perfect sense.  It's just one of my hang-ups--one of many, I should add.

Happy New Year.

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