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Locker Landlord Steals Tenants' Wine

Posted by EMark, Oct 5, 2012.

In today's paper.  This guy owns a facility that offers temperature-controlled lockers for rent to collector's to store their wine.  Some years ago I had a colleague who had such a locker in Los Angeles.  (Jim was never a particularly modest guy.  In addition to mentioning when he had "to visit the locker and pick up some wines," he also never failed to mention that his locker was right next to Lynn Swan's.)  I always thought that renting a locker was a pretty good solution to the storage problem.  It would never occur to me that the owner of such a facility would be a crook.

In this case, the owner, one George Osumi, had such a facility in Newport Beach and has been breaking into his tenants' lockers and stealing wines since 2008.  Well, he has been caught and has been charged not only of the wine theft but tax and insurance fraud, also.  Little comfort for the victims. 


Reply by outthere, Oct 6, 2012.

Crazy story. Can you imagine going into your locker for a bottle of Petrus only to find $2 Chuck I the OWC? Holy cr&$!

Reply by JonDerry, Oct 6, 2012.

After a couple years of relying exclusively on active and passive storage I had to pull the trigger on a locker, really couldn't see a better way with how fast I was growing and how poor my passive options were. 

I didn't really think much about the ownership of the storage site at first (Wine Cellar Club, Irvine), but it came highly recommended and the folks there are real nice and professional, it's family operated and appears to have a nice succession plan in place with their son working there full time. When I told them about another place in Irvine I nearly mixed them up with, they were horrified at the thought, saying "people should really look into the background of the ownership wherever they're going to store their wine", sage advice indeed.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Oct 6, 2012.

As a former resident of Newport Beach, I can tell you it is the personal bankruptcy and scam businessman capital of the world.  (Yep, three and half years there in my formative age.)  Somehow, I am not surprised.  We were the "poor" folks in town, with modest cars and non-designer clothes, but I cannot tell you how many houses I was in where they had a Mercedes parked on the street and no furniture. Things were rarely what they seemed.

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